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New Lawn Prep and Poison(s)

We would like install a new lawn in the backyard but was told that we need to use a weed killer beforehand. We have a cat and would like to know if there is an alternative using a poison or one that is not hazardous to animals.

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Posted 2013-03-24T14:09:22+0000  by DIYNewbee DIYNewbee

Hey DIYNewbee.


I understand where you are coming from as my 2 labradors are my children and I am careful what I spray around them.


I am not quite clear as to whether you are wanting to kill everything and put down sod or if you only want to kill the weeds and plant grass seed.


I have questions for you.


Where do you live and what kind of grass do you have?


Are you wanting to seed or are you planning on installing sod?


Here is our options. If you are going to put down sod then you can spray the existing weeds and grass with Round Up and then put down sod over it 7 to 10 days later with no problems. You would only need to keep the animals off of the sprayed areas until the spray dries. An animal would have to physically drink a lot of Round Up to get sick. The Parks and Recreation Department uses Round Up and I have sprayed it around my animals for 20 years.


If you are wanting to throw down a cool season grass seed like Fescue now, then you will have to wait to kill weeds. Selective herbicides like Weed Be Gon or any 24-d herbicide, will prevent seed germination for 1 month, therefore it is not recommended that you kill your weeds first. You would be better off to put down your seed now (as long as its fescue or a cool season grass) and then fight your weeds once your new seed comes up and you have cut it 4 or 5 times.


Hit me back here with answers to these questions and we can pin point the perfect solution for your project.



Posted 2013-03-24T16:37:06+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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