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New Lighting Labels

Greetings All,


It’s Tom, also known as HD116 here in the community, and recently in the aisles of my home store there has been a lot of confusion about the transition to CFL (Compact Flourescent) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) light bulbs and the end of the availability of the traditonal incandescent bulbs to which we all have been accustomed.  


Beginning this year, all light bulb manufacturers are required to give detailed information on the characteristics of the bulb, energy efficiency, and if it contains mercury, where to get information on it’s safe disposal. A sample label with 6 sections is shown below, along with a brief description of each section: 




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Posted 2011-10-06T21:09:24+0000  by HD116 HD116

LOL, I am stocking up on the old incandescent light bulbs so I will not have to use the funny light giving CFLs during my life time. It is worth an extra nickel or two to me in electricity to have white, non flickering light and to be able to use my regular dimmers. I can see a time when people will go to Canada for incandescent light bulbs just like they do for decent flushing toilets now. Also, I bet the old incandescent light bulbs will go for a premium price on eBay. We surly need to build some more coal powered electricity plants and stop this stupid environmental kick.

Posted 2011-10-06T21:23:12+0000  by macfan

I guess to each their own but remember:


1. CFL's are not the only option. Halogen bulbs (refered to as "energy-saving incandescent" in some documents) will continue to be an option. I know when you hear "halogen" you probably think of funky-shaped bulbs with unusual plugs, but they also do come in the traditional pear shape with the screw base we all grew up with. LED's will continue to evolve and might become an option too.


2. Modern CFL's don't flicker and most look like the "white" color of incandescent bulbs, which to me it's always been light yellow. In fact, thanks to people's resistance to CFL bulbs because of thier color, it has become harder for those of us who do want truly white CFL's to actually find them.


3. If you must use a dimmer, then I agree you should stay away from CFL's. Even those that are "dimmeable" aren't worth your money because they look robotic, as their color doesn't get a red hue when dimmed unlike incandescent bulbs.


As for me, I aready replaced all the lightbulbs in my house with CFL bulbs and if I were to turn on all 26 of them at the same time, they'll still consume less than 5 100-watt traditional bulbs or 8 60-watt traditional bulbs.

Posted 2011-10-07T16:34:02+0000  by DIY-noob

Sorry to hear you're not as big a fan macfan. Hopefully someday we can turn that around, because the CFL's are a really great technology. I can't say I've had any of mine flicker before though...was it a particular style of bulb you found that did that? But yes, to each their own : )


Thanks for the tips DIY-noob and way to go with making the switch through the whole house, that's dedication! I've really been a fan of the light colors available with CFL's, especially the Daylight version. I think it really adds a nice touch to rooms that yellowed light from incandescent just couldn't.


Any particular favorite among them that you've found?

Hope to see you both around the community again soon!~

Posted 2011-10-07T19:10:00+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

When change a ballast it now required to install a means of disconnect either inside the unit or outside the unit.  They are simply a male/female connector so the unit can be serviced without shutting off the breaker.  This is a 2011 code change.

Posted 2012-01-12T19:16:19+0000  by Stukas

Yes and a good change at that.  If any of you have ever been lit up by the Nuetral on a 277v flourecent fixture you will agree lol

Posted 2012-01-18T19:01:50+0000  by AAriondo
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