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New Maytag MBF1953, just connected ice maker yesterday and still no ice.

I just purchased a maytag MBF1953YEW that was delivered on Saturday. Yesterday (Wed) we hooked up the ice maker. The water runs through the tube from the water line, the ice maker is turned on (bar down) and still no ice 16 hours later. What should I do?

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Posted 2013-09-12T14:27:45+0000  by JBode JBode

Hello JBode!


Maybe this seems too simplistic, but if you have water flowing into the ice maker and the lever is down (on position), it seems that cold is all you need to make ice.


Try looking at the temperature setting for the freezer.


Commonly freezers and refrigerators use a scale of ten; where zero is least cold and 10 is most cold.


Try slowly moving the control up the scale until you hear the compressor turn on ... most likely around six or seven.


Your ice should automatically empty and water refill every hour or so.

Posted 2013-09-12T15:20:36+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hi JBode,


All new refrigerator ice makers will take 24 hours to produce the first batch of ice. This is stated in the owners manual.


It is also recommended that you dispose of the first three batches, this is to assure any manufacturing residue is flushed out of the system before you start using the ice.


Also make sure there is no air in the water filling system, run three gallons of water through the water dispenser to assure no air is left in the system. Air in the system will delay or stop ice production.



Posted 2013-09-12T17:06:09+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Understand that ice makers aren't so much ice makers as they are automated ice cube trays.  Instead you filling and emptying the tray the 'fridge does it for you.  So they're really pretty simple in their operation.  I'd suggest you take a look at this link about troubleshooting Whirlpool (they make Maytag) ice makers.


Without a complete model number, I don't know exactly what 'fridge you have but I suspect that you could just short out terminals T and H to see if the maker cycles.  You're dealing with line voltage, so don't use a paper clip.  Use a short (4-6") piece of 14 ga. building wire with about 1/2" of the insulation stripped at both ends.



Posted 2013-09-12T20:00:51+0000  by Adam444
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