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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

If your New Year’s Resolutions don’t seem to happen…well maybe we can help turn those “resolutions” into solutions? The idea that you want to get things done is always a welcome thought and with a good plan they can happen. When they do get done we get a feeling of accomplishment, but where to begin? Let’s start.


What can I do? vs what should I hire a contractor to do? This will depend on what the project is.


Things like; painting, shelving, cleaning, re-arranging, or even some flooring can be done with a bit of know-how and planning. If it’s structural, code, plumbing, electrical, or gas this is best left to those very experienced or a licensed contractor.

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Some ideas are as follows:

1)      Function first, form second. This means you’ll want to fix the leaky roof before choosing a new color in the dining room.

2)      Go tour some of those great looking new model homes that you wish you could afford. Sometimes you’ll notice that your home has the same layout as those and you could be inspired.

3)      Some people do well with small projects to learn the skills needed for the larger ones. Things like removing clutter may seem like a simple task, but we get used to areas being cluttered.

4)      If your already handy and don’t have an event planned at your home, the big project comes first. Know when the weather permits is another thing to take into consideration.

5)      With more cold weather on its way weather stripping is a must to keep heat in and cold/moisture out.

6)      Make the curb appeal of your home is an asset not a liability. This means stuff like bald spot in lawns, overgrown hedges, or whatever may have started to overtake the beauty of your home needs to be addressed.

7)      Find out which projects require permits to keep from having to do the project twice. It may surprise you that many project do not require them so don’t think twice about finding out from your city.


Don’t worry if after a project is done and you change your mind. The beauty of your own home is that you can change it if your tastes change or if it didn’t come out the way you planned.


Happy New Year,

Coach Dave

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