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New lawn

Don't have a green thumb but would like a green lawn, just starting out and would like some suggestion on how to get going. It's a medium yard with a sprinkler system in place but not working, and a really big weed problem. What do I need to do,1. Get started,2, maintain my lawn, 3. Tools needed.

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Posted 2011-04-01T12:13:44+0000  by jdb jdb

Greetings Jdb and welcome to the How-to-Community.


My name is Mike and I work with The Home Depot in Chicago and I have a few helpful tips to get you started.   Weeds are a lawns worst enemy.   Starting off by using a pre-emergent will help control those early season weeds like crabgrass. The earlier you attack the weeds the less you will have to deal with them as the season goes on.


Later in the season you will want to use a weed and feed.  This will help take care of a ton of different weeds.  It also will help feed your lawn to help it establish stronger roots and a nice green color.  It doesn’t hurt to do 2 applications of weed and feed.  You will want to spread it out a few months apart. If the weeds still continue to be a bother you may want to look into a spray weed killer that kills just weeds and not the grass.  This will come in either a spray bottle or a hose hook up.  This will take care of any weeds that pop up after you have done a weed and feed.


You can also try a basic lawn fertilizer that just feeds.  This will help bring the green back into the lawn.  This can be applied at anytime during the year.  It helps improve your lawns ability to absorb water and nutrients.


Make sure you WATER your yard.  That will help it in so many ways.


Tools you may need.

  • Bag of fertilizer depending on the side of your yard either a 5,000 sq.ft  or 15,00 sq.ft bag
  • Broadcast spreader
  • Hose.  If you decided to use a hose hook up spray bottle of weed killer.

If you run into any problems or have any questions feel free to write back.

Posted 2011-04-01T15:31:31+0000  by FlyingHDsod

Hey, jdb. Ken here in the Chicago area. A hearty welcome to the community.

First of all, what state and climate zone do you live in? Your answer will help me

fine tune the creating and maintaining of your lawn. Mike got you started

on the right track for weeds and fertilizer. Let’s see if we can get your sprinkler

system up and running. I’m going to assume that you have an in ground system

with a controller box in the garage and you are on your town’s water supply.

 When you tried to operate the system, did it operate poorly (noises, low water flow,

 heads not popping up, etc.) or not at all? I’m also going to assume that your water

pressure is fine, since it would have been checked when you acquired your home.

If you get some water flow but not enough, then you need to flush your system of

debris in the pipes. It could also be a bad valve. If nothing happens at all, then it is a

wiring problem, either at the box or running to a valve. Come into your local Home Depot

and talk to one of our garden specialists. Ask them if they know any irrigation specialists

that will come out and check your system. They can also get you started with the products

for the weeds and your lawn that Mike talked about.


The tools needed to maintain a lawn are:

     lawn mower

     fertilizer spreader

     flat, square-point shovel – for edging the lawn

     string trimmer – for maintaining the edge and general weeding


Those are the basic tools for lawn maintenance. Once your sprinkler system is up and

running and you have your tools we can set you up with a maintenance schedule for the

great lawn you are going to create. Good luck and take care.

Posted 2011-04-04T15:29:02+0000  by Ken_HD_CHI
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