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New lawn

Just bought a new home in Colorado and my back yard is all dirt that's refill from the basement dig. What is the best way to prepare it for the seeding of grass?
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Posted 2012-03-15T23:48:07+0000  by Bighurt2 Bighurt2

Howdy Bighurt2,


Congratulations on your home. If it's answers to questions about you've come to the right place.


Since you stated that there wasn't a lawn to start with, you'll need to Amend the soil. Amend is the perfect mixture of natural additives like gypsum and organic matter that will give your soil the nutrients it needs.


Your next step would be to make sure you have a slight grade for excess water to runoff and rake to a semi even surface.


Now comes the fun part, seeding. You'll either need a broadcaster or the new Scotts "Snap" is a great idea to total lawn care. Make sure you have your soil prepared before seeding for the best looking lawn possible.


Now when you've done seeding it's time to put a layer of "Seeding Soil/Topper" to help the seeds germinate quickly,keep birds from eating the seed, and to keep the sun from drying out the seed.


Be sure to water about 15-20 mintutes twice a day for 2 weeks.

Increase watering about 5 mintues every week until you see some growth and start cutting back by the 6th week.


Do not use regular fertilizer for at least 2 months so you don't burn new grass...however you can use a starter fertilizer.


Now you've got a real lawn...and YOU did it!


Happy Gardening,

Posted 2012-03-16T01:56:38+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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