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New vinyl over old vinyl flooring

I am about to move into my rental home soon and the vinyl flooring in the kitchen and bathroom are just ridiculously ugly and completely ages the rooms. I am looking into putting some more modern and neutral looking floors in both rooms. Now the house was built in 1970's so I know asbestos is likely going to be a big issue if we were to rip up the sub floor. And I know my landlord would never let me rip up the whole kitchen by professionals. 

I am just looking for a quick fix! I know there is a way to put some new vinyl on top of the old, but I am curious to see as what the easiest and most effective way to get the job done. I've heard you must strip it down to get all the wax coating off? And maybe put down a leveler just in case the vinyl is really that crappy.

Note that I have not got down on my hands and knees to really see the quality, but I do know its the original flooring and the house is older.

Can someone please tell me and easier way to do this project? Step by step preferably. I'm doing it DIY style as well.

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Posted 2015-08-17T22:45:42+0000  by Savjn2012 Savjn2012
You are correct in that older (I want to say before late 70's) vinyl flooring and/or the glue used to hold it down may contain asbestos.  The asbestos doesn't present a hazard unless particles become airborne and one perfectly acceptable remedy is to simply go over the existing floor.

I'm assuming that since you rent, that budget is your primary concern.  Are you planing on leaving the new flooring when your lease is up or take it back up?  If you're planning on leaving it, a conversation with the landlord might be prudent.  First to eliminate any issues with your security deposit and maybe he might be willing to help with the cost.  Offer to, say, split the cost with him.  He gains a new floor making the home more desirable in the future and you saves some money.

Sheet vinyl is going to offer the best value and comes in a large variety of patterns, colors, and quality grades.  Another option might be vinyl planks.  Are are a also a nice variety of patterns and styles and most go down pretty easily.

If the old flooring is heavily embossed, then you may need some kind of leveling compound to fill the depressions, otherwise they can "telegraph" through the new flooring (especially if you use thinner vinyl).  You'll want to read the manufacturer's installation instructions carefully for requirements for the old floor.  I wouldn't worry about "leveling" the old floor otherwise.

Once you're setting on the product you want to use, we can offer some tips and tricks for installation.
Posted 2015-08-18T11:28:06+0000  by Adam444
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