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New zero-VOC

Dear Home Depot:


Your new zero VOC paint is terrible. I have a 140 year old home, and have been painting one room at a time over the past four years. (and completely renovated two homes prior to this) Upon my most recent visit to get more paint I learned that your interior paint is not only available as a primer/paint combo with Zero VOC. Compared to the remaining paint I had (Semi gloss, nearly white, being used on trim and doors) I am finding that coverage is poor, and the new paint is runny and thin compared to the old formula. Additionally, it does not dry as smooth and even as the old formula. It would seem to me that the VOCs are what makes paint work. As for calling this stuff primer, you have got to be kidding me. It in no way functions as a primer.


When I went to buy the custom color that I use I was also dissapointed to be told that the new formula would not match exactly nor could they figure it out. That was half the reason I used to like your paint - your stores could ALWAYS duplicate a color without fail, something not everyone else can do. They did end up just using the original pigment recipe which luckily was very close. But still, I cannot fathom that you guys would reconfigure your paint without making darn sure that the system would work for customers with custom colors.


I am very disappointed. I had no problem with the smell of the old paint and it worked well. I will be returning the rest of the new open can if the local store will take it, and will buy my paint elsewhere from now on. Hallman Lindsay here I come.



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Posted 2012-11-30T04:50:04+0000  by wi-steve wi-steve

Hey Steve - welcome back to the community.  I am so sorry for your frustrations in this matter.:smileyfrustrated:


Lets unpack this together and see if there might be a way to better understand what is going on with the paint.


A couple of things about the BEHR ULTRA:  berh ultra semigloss.jpg


  • It tends to be somewhat thinner than the original thicker paint.  It in fact now resembles the consistency of most paints on the market.  As you know from using BEHR original - that it was a lot thicker than most paints and required the user to slightly change their application process (become familiar with).
  • The new BEHR ULTRA was the first paint/primer on the market and is considered to be a "new" type of coating unlike anything else. As a result of this new technology and zero VOC's (volatile organic compounds) - new pigment colorants were developed.  Duplicating some colors from older products had to be re-constructed simply because of how advanced the new technology (apples and oranges).
  • The "primer" quality is true and requires a certain amount of time to adhere and seal to a variety of surfaces. Some will have to be slightly de-glossed in order for the paint to "grab hold". This can be achieved either by liquid de-glossers or a sanding block.  Dry time varies as well under certain conditions.

I certainly understand your frustrations. If you do decide to go with another product - please consider dropping in to the community and letting us know what you discovered.




Posted 2012-12-02T15:44:23+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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