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New(er) Lawn Mower Pull Cord?

HI, just bought a house and am just learning how to do alot of things around the house, inside and out. So I bought my first lawn mower. I bought it at HD. It was newer (never used) but out of a box. Thus, it was slightly cheaper. When I bought it the sales person told me that the pull cord is inside the engine. He said that all lawn mowers are that way when boxed. He said when I'm ready to use just open up the cage and pull out the cord. Now that I'm ready, I don't know what he means. I'm scared to open up the engine cage as I don't want to damage anything. And I'm not sure where a cord would be even if i did. Is he correct? Or did he sell me a defective lawn mower that probably doesn't even have a pull cord?
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Posted 2016-12-07T18:47:57+0000  by Midwestfella12 Midwestfella12
Hello Midwestfella12.  Welcome to the Community!

I will assume that you have a gasoline engine powered lawn mower.  As shipped in their box, these mowers have their handles either unbolted or at least folded over the engine so as to minimize box size.  Part of the rather simple assembly process involves extending the handle to its normal position, (or bolting it on), and then extending the pull cord out of the engine and attaching it to the handle near where the operator can easily grasp it. 

The cord itself is actually inside the engine cover, but you do not need to remove the cover because the rubber handle will be sticking out.  In the picture below, the blue arrow points to where you will find that handle.  The red arrow shows the final mounting point for the pull cord handle, and you can see that the cord comes out from the engine cover.  If you don't see the rubber handle just on top of the engine cover, then something is very wrong and you need to return the mower to the store.

If you see the rubber pull cord handle on the engine, then proceed to attach/extend the mowers handle to its normal position.  Next you pull back the engine brake handle so that the engine can turn, and pull out the cord so you can attach it to where the red arrow shows.


Posted 2016-12-07T20:39:49+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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