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No concrete foundation under bay window

Hi my name is Nick and my wife and myself bought a forclosed home and I have lots of things to fix. Under our bay windows there is a gap between bare wood a dirt, there is no concrete foundation and the home inspector mentioned something about some sort of screening that I should use but wasnt specific or I heard him wrong. He said I can attach it to the wood and sink it down into the ground and then back fill with dirt. I have been looking around at forums trying to figure this problem out but I have not had any luck. Im not a super-skilled home improvement guy nor do I have much money but Im not afraid to get dirty and get this job done if someone out there is knowledgeable about this topic i would be very very apperciative of some guidance. Thanks very much for reading this, Nick

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Posted 2011-06-18T06:44:26+0000  by meyer-nicholas meyer-nicholas


Hi, and thanks for stopping by the community.:smileyhappy:


There are two issues to consider:

  1.  If moisture gets trapped under the bottom the bay window you will be running the risk of rotten wood
  2. If left alone – bugs and small animals may get in through the bottom.



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In my opinion:  The best solution that addresses both issues is to simply add a layer or two of stone or brick in-between the space.




Posted 2011-06-19T17:50:21+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thanks for the reply!    So do you think i could use some wet cement and a trowel with the stones to make it look nice and then my wife would think im awesome!! Here's to wishful thinking anyways!! Please let me know if that is something do-able, Thanks a million, Nick

Posted 2011-06-21T03:48:38+0000  by meyer-nicholas
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