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No hot water in bathtub, have already bought Moen posi temp replacement cartridge

No hot water in bathtub. Have already bought Moen posi temp replacement cartridge & puller for old cartridge. Can I do this myself?
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Posted 2016-10-06T16:37:41+0000  by Ally1127 Ally1127
Hello Ally1127,

I don't know your abilities but here is a link to the installation instructions  If you think you are capable of following them, than this should be a DIY project for you.

Thanks for your inquiry.


Posted 2016-10-06T20:32:27+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
Hi Ally1127.  Welcome to the Community!

The pictorial instructions Char linked are quite good.  I would like to add a couple items to that which will hopefully make your project easier.

First, when you shut off the water to your bathroom, open the sink faucet to a middle warm setting to drain off pressure on both the hot and cold supply lines.  Then open the tub/shower faucet the same way to let all water drain off.  When water stops draining, turn off both faucets.

Next, put a stopper in the tub drain, or a wash cloth over it so you don't lose any screws or that "U" shaped clip when you free up the cartridge.  These are hard to replace if anything goes down the drain, and Home Depot stores do not sell them.

When you pull out the cartridge, try a pair of pliers first before opening the special removal tool that you bought.  Often, actually most of the time, the pliers will work just fine for this.  Only when there is a serious buildup of lime and scum will the puller be needed since it will pry out the cartridge with opposing force to the valve itself.  If successful with pliers, you can simply return the unused tool and save some money.

Please do not forget to lubricate the new cartridge with grease before installing it.  This will make the rubber parts last much longer and the valve will operate smoothly.

Hopefully with these tips you will find this to be a pretty easy DIY project.


Posted 2016-10-07T14:27:59+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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