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Now that I've got the leak fixed in the roof, how do I fix the stained ceiling area? (about 6"X1')

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Posted 2013-12-19T20:03:52+0000  by jwcarney6 jwcarney6

Hi JWCarney6,


The easiest way to cover the stain is with a product called Kilz.


Kilz is a primer and stain killer in one; it will cover almost any stain and gives you a properly primed surface to paint over when dry.


Just paint over the stain with Kilz and then paint the ceiling.


Since paint fades over time you will most likely have to paint the entire ceiling to achieve a

uniform appearance.


I have included a link below.




Posted 2013-12-19T20:23:20+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Hello jwcarney6!


Water stains can be stubborn ... and water products often re-wet water stains, which then bleed back through the new primer and paint.


Since your stain is very small (6-inches by 1-foot) I would recommend you brush at least one coat of oil-based primer on that spot before priming the ceiling with the product Mike recommended.


This will ensure that the water stain does not bleed back through.



Kilz Ceiling Paint and Primer-in-One.jpg  Kilz also has a stain blocking paint and primer ceiling paint.


You might consider going straight to this product after your seal the water stain with an oil-based primer.


This will prevent the need to use two products (primer and then paint) on your ceiling.

Posted 2013-12-19T21:31:35+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL


For such a small stain, you might consider Kilz oil based "Up Shot" primer. This is a spray can that shoots upward rather than to the side. This avoids having to put a brush in oil primer and having to clean it or "chuck" it.  It  actually dries flat and slightly colored to match suspended ceiling acoustic panels, but would work well to seal any small water spot on a regular ceiling.

Posted 2013-12-20T00:37:48+0000  by ordjen
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