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Nu Tone bathroom fan with light installation to replace old fan with night light and a light bulb.

The Nu Tone bathroom fan comes with two wires a green and a black.  The wire supply from the house have 2 whites, 2 blacks and one copper wire.  I connected all blacks together, and all whites with the green , and the copper I attached to the housing of the fan.  The fan worked.  Once I put the light bulb on the power got tripped.  I unplugged the light switch within the fan but the power still got tripped later.  The switch in the wall is set up for separate operation. one for the the fan, small bulb and a larger bulb.  I don't know what to do. please help

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Posted 2012-09-02T12:22:32+0000  by learning2do learning2do

HI learning2 and thanks for your question.  The nutone bath fan/light should have two white wires, one black wire and one blue(or sometimes red or yellow).  The green is always a ground and should NEVER be attached to any other wire except the bare copper from the house wiring.  If you don't have a bare copper (Houses 40 years old or so) then don't attach it to anything.  Now,  Follow the wires from the light  socket.  You should find one white and one other color(NOT GREEN)  One will be white (It my be hidden or tucked under).  Then follow the wires from the motor.  This also should have one white and one black.  Now connect all the black together with the odd color from the light.  Now connect all the whites together.  I'm assuming you took the screw out and dropped the little corner box.  This is where all the connections are made.  I hope this helped.   I will be on the community all day Labor day.  Stukas 

Posted 2012-09-03T13:33:49+0000  by Stukas
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