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October-Fire Rescue Helicopter!

Hello everyone!


Here today to talk about a cool new Kids Workshop coming up for the month of October, told in the video below.


In keeping with next month's theme of safety, we're going to be building a fire rescue helicopter!

Kids Workshop October 11.JPG  VIDEO!


So come into the store on October 1st from 9am-12pm, any child from ages 5-12 can join for free! And you can even help paint the helicopter after assembling it! Kids Workshops are always the first Saturday of the month, so come early and often at each one to get a special toy that your child built and can enjoy for years to come.


Let's get to building!



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Posted 2011-09-19T19:04:19+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL

Thanks for the reminder AboveaverageJoe.


I would highly recommend this months Kids Workshop to everyone. With or without kids.


Most stores go all out for October-Fire safety month. It's my favorite one of the year.


My store here in California gets a lot of community support. We normally have the local Police and  Fire Department come out. The kids love talking to them.


Hope all of you can make it out to your local store.


Be safe!  :smileyvery-happy:

Posted 2011-09-30T22:01:18+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

I just wanted to say that the workshops are absolutely wonderful.  I take my two sons out the the workshop  in North Versailles PA every month.  This is a fairly new thing we started to do and my kids look forward to going. Captain Ken is absolutley great and my kids already know him by name.  He greets us when we first show up and calls my two boys by their name (which they think is the coolest thing). He  is very avaliabel to us as we work on the projects.  I am a single mom and my 2 boys are young but love to build.  He offers help if he sees I am struggling, and makes the experience wonderful for us.  My boys leave workshop and can't wait to show their nana and pap pap what they made.  This has been a huge self-esteem booster for both my kids.  Kids workshop has become a huge part of our life.  Thank you! And a special thanks to Captain Ken-- I really appriciate everything you have done. 

Posted 2011-10-03T13:59:13+0000  by LoCoMOM

Thanks for a great Saturday.  Our Hojme Depot went all out with the Local EMS and Ladder 32 Fire Truck on site.  The crews were great. My grandkids love to visit us on Home Depot Saturdays.  We really enjoy this opportunity to be part of the teaching and learning process for them.  

Posted 2011-10-15T13:19:37+0000  by dede

Hey dede,


I'm always glad to hear the feedback that everyone gives on our Kids Workshops. This one was one of the biggest ones of the year, and I know lots of stores near mine had the fire trucks out ready for the kids to see. Thank you so much for letting your grandkids participate in this great event!




Posted 2011-10-15T15:09:55+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
We missed this event due to our son having soccer that morning and he is very disappointed; is there any way to obtain the kit/certificate/pin that we can do at home with him? Thank you for your time.
Posted 2013-10-06T17:11:27+0000  by elizabethheda
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