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Odd shelf hang

I have a 3.5 ft by 3.5 ft opening in the kitchen wall, behind the sink where I want to hang shelves.  I don't know what kind of hardware bits to use and I'm wondering if I need centre supports for each shelf as well ?  I do intend putting rather heavier items on them.  I can't find any sort of shelving that comes with end hangers, in a box like the normal sort that come with the parts in the pkg. of shelving.  I even looked at IKEA and drew a blank there also.  I'm assuming there will be at least 2 x 4 uprights in each side of the hole in the wall so I don't think I would be drilling into drywall to hang the shelves.

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Posted 2011-01-20T02:02:31+0000  by Tessa Tessa

Hey there Tessa,


Welcome to our community! :)


In trying to get a feel for the area that we're talking about here, I've gotten a bit confused by the mention of an "end hanger." Could you elaborate on that perhaps? Also, what type of shelf are we thinking of mounting? (a melamine pressboard, decorative wood, wire?)


If you do intend to put a good amount of weight on it, than you definitely want to mount into the studs. If you're not 100% on the location of them, you can locate them with a stud finder. You don't have to invest in the super expensive ones, since those are more professional grade, the entry level ones are more what you are looking for. Mark off where it detects and remember that they should be spaced every 16in, to help you find them.


For brackets, if you have the room underneath the shelf, then you have a few options. If you're looking at doing a wooden shelf, than you can get a heavy-duty bracket, like pictured below:


These will be your best option as far as both holding, and distributing the weight properly. You'll want to mount these directly into the studs, using either or stud-solver anchor or an appropriate wood screw. The stud-solver has a capacity of about 50-lbs, and if you really want to add more to it, then you can also use a toggle lock in the center, straight into the drywall.


      Stud Solver                            Toggle Lock


Hopefully this answers your question and gets you started! Please do follow up with us though on the particulars of those one, just in case we may need to go into better detail for you :)

Posted 2011-01-20T15:02:53+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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