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Offical Military Discount Policy

What is the official Home Depot policy for Military discounts? What are all the terms and conditions? What are the restrictions? What products and services are excluded? What products and services are included? Where is this policy published on Home Depots website and what is the link?
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Posted 2018-07-04T20:12:58+0000  by Joseph17 Joseph17
The Home Depot used to be my "go to" home improvement store, but not any more due to Lowes vastly superior military discount program.  I would be glad to go back to Home Depot, but it seems like they don't value veterans and their service as much as Lowes does.

Come on Home Depot get in the game and earn back the business of these dedicated veterans.   
Posted 2019-05-10T12:10:31+0000  by USAF23
I recently registered for the Lowes Military Discount and it couldn't have been easier.  I was able to make an Online purchase and have the 10 % discount applied.

I agree that Home Depot needs to get their act together.  I may have to go out of my way and start doing more shopping at Lowes.
Posted 2019-05-10T17:54:14+0000  by TJC1957
Hello All!

Home Depot does more for our veterans and any other Home Improvement retailer! It cannot be said that we do not care. Below is as synopsis of our efforts on behalf of our veterans.

More than 41,000 facilities transformed. Committed half of a billion dollars to veteran-related causes by The Home Depot Foundation since 2011. When it comes to supporting the brave men and women of our armed forces, we’re all in. 

Too many of our veterans and their families face major housing challenges, aggravated by issues like unemployment, age and service-related disabilities. Through nonprofit partnerships and hands-on volunteering, we work hard every day to improve the lives of veterans and their families.

Through Team Depot, our associate-led volunteer force, volunteers devote thousands of hours each year to building and repairing homes for those who have served. Through The Home Depot Foundation, we annually grant millions of dollars to nonprofit partners across the country who’s programs focus on ending veteran homelessness, creating housing for our most critically wounded veterans, and ensuring our aging veterans have a safe place to call home.

We're dedicated to giving back to those who have already given so much for our country, and with more than 35,000 veteran associates, taking care of them is personal to us.

We offer the discount on regular and sales priced merchandise, Lowe's only offers it on regular priced merchandise. If you ever have a question regarding our Military Discount, please speak to the store manager.

Below is the details of our Military Discount Policy:

Please note the difference between the Every Day Match Policy and the Holiday Match Policy.

Every Day Match Policy: 10% discount for all active-duty, reserve, retiree and disabled service members, and their dependents, from the six U.S. military branches: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Guard (Air and Army), and Navy

Holiday Match Policy:  10% discount to ALL military personnel during many national holidays such as July 4th, Memorial Day, and Veteran’s Day as a tribute to their service.  In addition to the above personnel, it includes honorably discharged veterans.

§ Only available for In-Store purchases and does not apply to online transactions 

§ A valid Military ID must be presented at the time of purchase in-store 

§ The owner of the ID must be the purchaser present 

§ IDs cannot be sent electronically and will not be reviewed 

§ Not applicable on previous purchases and an adjustment cannot be made in store for an online purchase. 

§ The 10% discount is for in-stock and special-order purchases up to $5,000.


Discount cannot be used on sales at, on previous sales, on sales of services, including freight, delivery, or labor SKUs or on gift cards. The discounts cannot be combined with other promotions or on previous purchases. Holiday or Everyday Matching Military discounts are for personal use only and the transaction is not to be affiliated with a Job Name or Pro Key tag and is not to be paid for with a commercial credit card or GSA account. SKU Exclusions: Many of the products we sell have a unique pricing model, including commodity goods. As commodity prices fluctuate, we will at times exclude certain SKUs within specific departments from receiving the military discount.

Thanks to Chris Long from our Chicago Corporate office for the above discount details.


Posted 2019-05-13T22:38:26+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Mike, sorry but you're WRONG!  I just went to HD in Fayetteville NC, HOME of the Special Forces and Fort Bragg.  Guess what, NO DISCOUNT on the item I wanted to buy.  It wasn't lumber or any special item or on sale or what ever.  I have no idea anymore what does of does not constitute a discountable item for the 10% military discount.  You can say what ever you want about how HD did this or that for veterans but when the rubber meets the road your discount policy SUCKS!  I can understand special orders but Lowes discounts EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING! other than special orders.  Sale items DISCOUNT, appliances DISCOUNT, lumber DISCOUNT.   EVERYTHING MIKE!  EVERYTHING!  

Quit making believe you have a military discount.  I'm tired of driving 30 miles just for you to tell me you can't give me 2 bucks off an item and then the cashier can't explain WHY THE DAMNED ITEM IS NOT DISCOUNTABLE.  All she could say is that it didn't give me the discount.  The DAMNED FRONT DESK couldn't tell me either.  

You know what MIKE, I just paid off my entire balance on my HD card, cut it up, and I'm NEVER EVER going to DH ever again.  And I'm gonna hate not going there on Black Friday cause I've gotten some great deals, but HD no longer has my six, so you don't get my business any more.  

PS... that 1200 bath tub I had in my cart plus the other stuff for a bathroom remodel... Poof!  Not gonna happen!  not from HD anyway.
Posted 2019-05-27T11:45:12+0000  by TeddySStrickland
I noticed that something changed to the military discount as well. I bought a Ryobi string trimmer and it got the 10% discount. The 40 volt Ryobi blower didn't get the discount so I put it back. The blower wasn't on sale and no one at the registers, the service desk, or even the manager could explain why it didn't qualify for the discount. The manager tried to tell me that some things are on sale even though it doesn't say they are...blah blah blah. 

I used to get the discount sale or no sale. To test my theory that something recently changed I put up the Ryobi 40 volt mower that was on sale a month ago for 279.00 and yesterday it didn't qualify even though I got the discount a month ago! There is no way to know what gets the discount and what doesn't this is horrible.

 Also Lowes gives the discount for online and in store purchases. While Home Depot only gives it for random in store items now. Tell me all you want Home Depot about supporting military and veterans but this insanity says otherwise. I spoke with someone on the phone about giving the discount for online purchases and she said there is no way to verify military service. I explained that Lowes has you show proof in store then they tag your account for online purchases. But first you need to show proof in store. She said she didn't understand and repeated that they couldn't verify service for online orders. I could see she wasn't going to even admit that there could be a way so I dropped it. 

Home Depot please reconsider your Military Discount Policy. Otherwise I see a lot of business heading to Lowes.
Posted 2019-05-29T15:32:58+0000  by BillAwesome
I had a similar experience this past weekend when I shopped for a freezer.  HD was having a Memorial Day sale that included appliances.  I was told that I could not get the military discount on the sale price of the item.  They scanned a coupon to get the item to the sale price and said they could not apply the military discount because it was an additional "coupon."  I called customer service after leaving the store, and they confirmed that this is their policy.  Because the item was already discounted by 25% for the Memorial Day sale, they could not give an additional 10% off for the military discount.  I told customer service that this is not a discount if I have to pay what non-veteran/non-military personnel pay.  I went to Lowes, got the same freezer, which was on sale for the same amount, and they applied the 10% military discount to the sale price.  Won't be shopping at HD in the future until they have a real military discount.
Posted 2019-05-29T18:55:51+0000  by Teatime
Just went to the HD in dickson city PA. Lady wouldn't give me a discount upon showing ID's. She then proceeded to say "I'm not suppose to do this but because it's under $200, I'll give you your discount. She said its the employees digression on to apply the discount or not. Needless to say I'm done with HD. It's Lowes for whatever I need and an online retailer that will give a discount for Milwaukee tools.
Posted 2019-06-04T01:15:30+0000  by HDhatesVETs
I keep asking and so far have not received a definitive answer. How is the Military Discount applied the Special Orders made at the in store service desk. When I went to place a Special Order, I was told that since the item was listed on the website my order was considered an on line order. This does not make sense because I had my ID Card in hand. I would appreciate an official answer.
Posted 2019-06-20T12:29:21+0000  by July51
I have received and answer to my question concerning my question Military Discounts and Special Orders. This is whit I received.

Thank you for contacting Customer Support. 

First allow me to thank you for serving our country and all that you and your family have sacrificed. Below I've outlined things as they currently stand. The following is a brief summary of the Military Discount Policy as it pertains to Special Orders.

  • Active military personnel
  • National Guard
  • Coast Guard
  • Reserves
  • Active military personnel’s dependents
  • Retired Veterans and their dependents
    • “Retired” means they had over 20 years of service prior to retiring from the military
    • “Service Connected” Disabled Veterans with a valid military ID
    • Veterans who are disabled by an injury or illness that was incurred or aggravated during active military service.
Eligible Purchases
  • Applied at time of purchase ONLY
  • Most in-stock merchandise
  • John Deere and Cub Cadet items
Special Order merchandise
  • Purchases made in conjunction with a Home Depot Credit Card deferred interest promotion
So in short, yes it applies to Special Order merchandise as long as the merchandises is stocked in the store's inventory. If it's a Special Order purchased online and is only sold online, then it wouldn't be eligible.

I hope this helps. Just reply to this message if you have any questions.

Have a great day.

In 2-3 days, you will receive a brief email survey. One question is based on our interaction and not on the circumstances of the case — however there will be a text field for you to send a message to management. I strive to provide 5-star service and want to make sure that I’ve not only met but exceeded those expectations.


Matt T.
Resolution Expediter
The Home Depot | Customer Care
Posted 2019-06-21T10:56:44+0000  by July51
Home Depot's military discount is very limited.  When we've inquired why something wasn't discounted, we get a different answer every time.  We've gone to the customer service desk and they don't seem to know, or they do know and they don't want to discuss it.  We also found out when purchasing a refrigerator that the maximum discount is $50 meaning you tap out at $500 in "eligible" items. 

I was there yesterday and purchased lumber, PVC piping and sprinkler accessories.  Spent $42 and received a $1.13 discount on two sprinkler items.  The rest of the sprinkler items were not included in the discount.  When I asked why, I was told that only some PVC and sprinkler items were covered.  We've been excluded on lumber, flooring, ready made cabinets.  It's all very random.

Per Mike's comments above:
1.  We offer the discount on regular and sales priced merchandise, Lowe's only offers it on regular priced merchandise. If you ever have a question regarding our Military Discount, please speak to the store manager. - This is not true.  EVERY single item I've ever purchased from Lowe's has been discounted, including sale items.  I've even received a discount on clearance items.  Last year I bought a patio set that was originally $2000 - clearance out for $1400 and after my $140 discount I paid $1260.  I also redid two full kitchens.  I received my full 10% off on cabinets (special order), countertops and appliances.  Last year I got my KitchenAid double ovens on clearance and also received my 10%.  
§ Only available for In-Store purchases and does not apply to online transactions  - once you register your military ID with Lowe's you get your 10% in the store AND online.
§ A valid Military ID must be presented at the time of purchase in-store - once you register your military ID with Lowe's you get your 10% - all you have to do is give them your phone number
The 10% discount is for in-stock and special-order purchases up to $5,000. -  you get your 10% on all items and there is no limit.  I did two $25000 kitchens and saved $2500 on each.
5.  I've received my 10% discount even on special orders.  Flooring to be installed is considered special order and I received 10% on the carpet and pad.  

Posted 2019-07-01T20:38:25+0000  by Debi61
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