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One garage, many surfaces

I want to paint the interior of a rented, unheated garage white, to help with visibility and minimize dust on the "toys" I keep there.

There are multiple surfaces: unpainted particle board, unpainted plywood, unpainted homosote (pressed sawdust), painted brick and painted cottage board. I tired rolling the particle board but, you guessed it, it became "fall apart ical" if I rolled with too much pressure.  It doesn't need a great paint job, just cover the surface in white.

Any ideas on the multi surfaces? Also, estimate of paint needed? Latex? Roll vs. brush?

Thank you!

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Posted 2012-04-05T17:39:52+0000  by lindy lindy

Hi Lindy, Welcome to the Community.


With multiple surfaces in the garage I would recommend that you spray paint the interior. You can purchase a hand held paint sprayer at your local Home Depot. Wagner makes an electric spray gun that will make the job a snap.


I know you may want to keep you cost low, but by the time you purchase a paint roller handle, roller covers, paint pan,  paint brushes etc., you will have spent half the cost of a paint sprayer and will still have much more work to do.

I would prime the unfinished materials first. Behr makes a great primer sealer, and their Premium Plus Paint will give you a beautiful finish. I would use a gloss or simigloss enamel for the best light reflection.


As to the amount of paint needed, measure the square footage of your garage, (length x with) and then go to your local Home Depot. The paint associates will assist you in determining the amount of paint you need based on the square footage of your garage.


I hope this answers your question







Posted 2012-04-05T18:33:06+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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