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Bath & Faucets

One (new) shutoff valve at toilet squeals when other toilets are flushed

I might be overthinking this, and it could be air in the lines, and I have not tried to drain and refill yet.  I recently changed the toilet and sink shut off valves in the house to 1/4 turn shut offs.  One of the reasons I did this was I had one (hallway bath) that squealed when the MBR toilet was flushed.  Unfortunately, that did not fix the immediate issue.  The hallway toilet still squeals when the MBR is flushed.  Is this really just because I didn't get all of the air out of the system?
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Posted 2018-05-05T20:23:11+0000  by JoeMama JoeMama
Hi JoeMama,

The shut off valves will not cause noise as they are open at all times. The flush valve in the MBR toilet tank is what is probably causing the noise. I assume the toilets are back to back on the same wall, the noise transmits through the wall and sounds like it's in the hallway bathroom. Change the flush valve or ballcock as it is known, in the MBR toilet tank, and that should solve the problem.

Posted 2018-05-08T01:41:39+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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