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Online rebate issue

I don't know where I should send this. 

I bought a gallon of stain when there was a $10 rebate promo on early Sept. I mailed the necessary documents. I never got anything although it says the processing time is 6 to 8 weeks.

I chatted with a Customer service agent named vathathie, vathieta or something (I don't remember) on, (s)he said I didn't submit receipt but the promo has expired so (s)he couldn't do anythingThen (s)he implies that I wrote the wrong email address in the rebate form so they couldn't contact me. 

The true is that the receipt was in the mail and I have a picture as proof. Also my contact info in the rebate form was typed rather than being written by hand, everything is correct and I still kept the form.

It was human error that the receipt was missing and my email was incorrectly put into the rebate system. I said I know (s)he might not have enough privilege so I kindly asked if I could talk to a supervisor, but (s)he said (s)he doesn't have one and implied multiple times that I was the one to blame.

I have no idea how I could solve this issue - also how to inform HD management to assign a supervisor to Mr/Mrs V. :) . Hopefully a homedepot employee could point me the right way. Thank you!

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Posted 2019-12-09T23:34:26+0000  by evanabc evanabc
Hi evenabc,

I am sorry for the hassle you received on your rebate, please take your rebate form and the original receipt to the store where you purchased the stain and speak to the store manager. He or she will resolve the issue for you.

Posted 2019-12-10T01:57:05+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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