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Organic Investment

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Your garden has given you joy this season, along with flowers, weeds, vegetables, and herbs; your garden has fed your soul and your body. Now, just when you were thinking that you can sit back and relax while your gardens die back and the night’s cool, frosty air take down even the strongest plants, now is the time to move…time to re-invest in your garden.

Your garden has fed you, now it is time to feed your garden!


Clean up and remove all the spent annuals and pull the weeds that have snuck into the beds looking all innocent and beautiful as a last hurrah of summer color….like those wild asters that spring up and are just waiting to spread their seeds in any space that will allow. Take down those asters before they go to seed and save the time you would spend pulling them next season, or,  if you like those asters leave them, but know the tiny, polite looking, neat flowers of today can spread and become exceedingly tall and block the light and steal the moisture from the intentionally planted plants. (Not a fan!)

Amend your soil and invest in your garden beds for next seasons pay out! Turning your soil and aerating the vegetable beds is so good to do at this point in the season, unless you have cool crops growing. If you are still harvesting lettuce, broccoli, carrots and spinach greens etc., wait to turn the garden but you can blanket the open soil with organic amendments.

Compost whether bought in bags, or from a home compost pile is the perfect seasoning to the fall garden soil: Spread across the garden beds as a dressing or  work the compost into the soil with a pitch fork.

Chopped leaves are a great component in the fall amendment recipe: Shred the leaves with your lawn mower put the collection bag on, run the mower over piled leaves, then spread over the garden soil right from the bag and turn the chopped matter into the soil or leave it as a mulch. This process causes a bit of dust, make sure to continually check the mowers air filter and clean as needed.

Seaweed: This nutrient rich organic matter is one of the best additives to gardens at any time of the year! If you are lucky enough to live close to the sea shore seaweed is waiting for you. Seaweed can be added to the garden in a blanket form, draped around existing perennial plants and shrubs, or seaweed can be left to dry and then crumbled, shredded and turned into the soil. Not only does the decomposing seaweed add crazy nutrients to the soil like nitrogen, phosphorus and 60 additional trace elements, the texture the seaweed adds help with moisture retention, root development, also supports disease and fungal prevention…..a sea side miracle worker and its free!  This is an ancient additive, seaweed has replenished gardens since the beginning of time.


Home Depot has an organic seaweed fertilizer if you don’t have the coastline close to you, have it shipped straight to your door!

Manure: Add manure to your beds now, the nutrients will be absorbed into the soil and your spring garden will wake up with the healthy start!

Lime: If your garden registers a bit high in acidity add lime to your beds, lime helps to neutralizes the soil, adds to the soil structure and unlocks the nutrients that may have been held hostage by compaction and the high acid count.

These are just a few amendments to add to your garden now.  Just a few simple, organic investments that will have you winning the garden lottery next season, it’s a win, win, win!


Good luck, Maureen

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