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Organizing Tools

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Are you that person that loves hand tools? Do you own specialty hand tools that do only one specific job or function? I’m one of those tool people that think the more hand tools the better. It wasn’t always that way, starting out you’re usually on a tight budget and you tend to choose your hand tools based on priority or need, not want.



As you have collected hand tools over the years, you may have amassed a large quantity.  You look around and you see you have as much as a NASCAR pit crew. You now have decided to take back your hobby area and start simplifying your space. I had small hand carry tool boxes, large and small tool bags filled with tools. Some tools bags had just what I thought I might need to work on a project. Other tool bags were used just to store tools in. When using only tool bags for storage, that’s when my tools got mixed up and some went missing. I knew I needed a better way to organize. So I started to check out Husky roll away tool boxes.  These tool boxes are in creditable with all the storage combination you can find.  I was totally surprised by how many tools I could get in one of the Husky cabinet models. I started organizing my tools and found some tools I thought I had lost. Now I realized I have two or three of the same items.





One way to simplify your many socket set is to check out a great way to limit what you need, with a pass through set in SAE and Metric. These great sets eliminate the need for deep sockets. It’s like getting two sets of sockets in one.  The ratchet and sockets are hollow in the center, which allows them to slide over a long bolt or threaded rod and grip onto the nut, without having a deep socket just to reach the nut. This invention is shear genius. These sockets take the place of a regular socket and a deep set socket in one. The socket sets by Husky sockets come with a lifetime guarantee for replacement. You can’t lose with that kind of a guarantee.


Now there is a way to have what you need to work on your projects and at the same time, pass on some of those sockets your family members have been eyeing for years.  Go into your local Home Depot’s tool department and check out the pass through socket set, or shop on line at



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