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Orkin Therm / Green Fiber

OrkinTherm / Green Fiber


Where do bugs enter your home? The short answer - all over. Long answer - sometimes they crawl or fly in when windows or doors are open. They also slip in through cracks in walls or foundations, holes in window screens or crevices in the home that let in cables, wires and pipes. Most commonly though, they’ll drop right onto your roof and crawl through the tiny openings in your siding and air conditioning vents… right into your attic. 


But, now we have the first line of defense against those pests!!!

Cellulose blow-in attic insulation with the added benefit of pest control (product viewable online in test markets only including Houston, Orlando, Tampa, Key West, South Georgia, Fort Meyers regions).


OrkinTherm Insulation with Pest Control works great by killing unwanted  bugs that enter your home from the attic.  It  kills termites, cockroaches, ants, silverfish and many other intrusive insects on contact. This simple blow-In based technology can be applied directly over any existing insulation. It takes 2 people to run the machine properly - one person to feed the machine and one to blow it in the attic. And adding OrkinTherm to your attic helps  cut back on heating/cooling bills.  The product is made of 85% recycled material so its long lasting bug barrier is as friendly to the environment as its pest control formula is safe for humans and pets.


This important DIY project can be tackled over a weekend. All you need is a store-provided machine and the right number of bags for your attic. Each bag covers 34.5 sq.ft when blown to a R19.


At present, OrkinTherm is available in select areas of the country.  If you’re in the Houston, Orlando, Tampa, Key West, South Georgia, Fort Meyers regions, you can find it at a Home Depot near you!! 





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