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Hi there community!


Spring time is here and just like many of you guys I’m getting excited to start working on those outdoors projects.  

For you guys who haven’t viewed my profile yet; my name its George and I’m a Pro Desk sales associate here in Chicago area Home Depot.

And working here at the desk I get to design and help many homeowners and contractors with various outdoor projects including decks.


So this year I’ve decided to share some services and new products we offer with you guys. Hey you never know some of you guys may even find this post useful:smileyvery-happy:?


In this post specifically, I want to take an opportunity to talk about some decking materials we have available in our stores and by special order.

So let’s start with wood decking.


In our stores and by special we have several different types of wood decking available;

1-5/32”x6” THICK DECK                                        5/4 X6” PREMIUM DECKING


thick deck.jpg                                       PREMIUM.jpg


Pressure treated wood decking is treated to resist insects, rot, and decay and in addition they are also pre-treated with wood stabilizer to prevent splitting, warping, and swelling. Although these products are treated to resist outdoor conditions, they still require preventive maintenance. For maximum protection seal the decking with an outdoor wood sealer; finishing the wood with multi-coat paint or varnish is not recommended and it’s nearly always disappointing.

5/4 x6” CEDAR DECKING                                    5/4x6” REDWOOD DECKING

CEDAR.jpg                                              redwood dim.jpg   


Cedar decking naturally resists rot and decay. It is twice as stable as other softwoods with minimal warping, shrinking, or swelling. In addition it is all-natural, does not require any chemical preservatives, and it is sustainable which makes it overall a green choice. Cedar can be stained to maintain its appearance or it can be left to weather to a soft patina.


Redwood decking its very similar to cedar when it comes to natural resistance to rot and decay, although there are some characteristics that are unique only to redwood which are a rich red color and no messy pitch or resins. Redwood accepts stains and paints exceptionally well and it is one of the favorite materials amon builders. Typically, it is available and used in the Pacific Southwest area of the United States. Another advantage of Redwood is that it meets some of the California fire codes; redwood has earned class B compliance.


Alternative to wood decking; Composite and PVC Decking


There are many different brands of synthetic  decking available but in this post I’m only going to mention and demonstrate installation for some that are most commonly inquired  about.


VERANDA.jpegTranscend-cross-section.png         SOLID VERANDA.jpg                      



Composite decking comes prefinished and it’s made with an unique combination of wood and plastic fibers that are intended to resemble wood appearance. Composite materials are environmentally friendly plastic (HDPE/LDPE) and wood dust that that mostly comes from recycled content. There are endless possibilities when it comes to composite decking. You can mix and match colors or have a deck with no fasteners exposed. What’s most important?  Enjoy many options with minimal maintenance. Some of these products even come with 25year limited stain and fade warranty.






Solid PVC decking comes prefinished and it’s made with cellular PVC. Cellular PVC is an extruded material that has the working characteristics of wood. This type of decking requires the least amount of maintenance from all of the synthetic products; it is extremely stain and fade resistant.



The majority of DIY’ers have used or know how to work with a traditional wood decking, but composites and PVC are still fairly new to some of you guys so in my next post, a video, I’m going to demonstrate some of our different  composite products, options, and installation techniques.


Please feel free to ask questions or suggest a stage of the project to be demonstrated for the upcoming video.







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Posted 2011-04-26T21:03:26+0000  by George_HD_CHI George_HD_CHI

I have really old, concrete porch steps. I would like to cover them with Veranda PVC decking. Can I use an exterior glue - such as Loctite's' Landscape - to anchor PT wood to the steps and then anchor the PVC the same way as on a deck? How about anchoring porch rails on one side? There are porch posts at the top of the four steps. I am open to suggestions and hope someone has completed a project similar to this one before. New england weather is really rough on concrete and I really don't have the option of removing and replacing the existing steps.

Thanks from a lady D-I-Y'r

Posted 2011-06-23T12:38:46+0000  by MarshaNH

Hello MarshaNH.  Welcome to the Home Depot Community!


Yes, you can deck over a concrete porch.  You will want to drill and install anchors into the concrete for the horizontal decking boards.  For any vertical surfaces, adhesive can be used in addition to the concrete anchors.  Here’s a great video on how this is done:,,20050370,00.html


You may also consider resurfacing the concrete porch rather than covering it over with decking.

Using a concrete resurfacer like this one can give excellent results:



I hope this helps,


Posted 2011-06-24T14:44:35+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Thanks Newf - that looks like the help I needed. I might just go for composite deck around the edges - the white is nice, but would show mud/dirt splashed up. I printed my shopping list and am good to go.

Posted 2011-07-05T15:19:59+0000  by MarshaNH

You’re welcome MarshaNH.

Please come back and post some pictures of your finished porch.  I’d really like to see how it worked out.

If there is anything else you need, we are here to help.

Thanks for joining the community!

Posted 2011-07-05T15:32:13+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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