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Outdoor Power Equipment Storage

Take steps now to ensure that your gasoline power equipment will be ready when you are next spring.


Our bermuda lawns are becoming dormant here, in Atlanta. The fescue will soon slow its growth to a halt for the winter.




Our mowers, edgers and string trimmers are going into hibernation, so take a few minutes to clean them up for winter storage.


The best way to get the gasoline out of your lawnmower is to crank the engine and let the tank run dry. After the engine quits running, open the float bowl drain (if your carburetor is so equipped) to let the last ounces of fuel drain from the fuel system. Store the mower with no fuel in it. This will allow any moisture to evaporate over the winter months.


Float Bowl Drain.jpg


You can easily collect the fuel from the gas tank of trimmers and chainsaws by carefully tipping the hand held tools over and draining them into the gas container that you used to fill those tools. Avoid spills by utilizing a funnel to help catch the gas.



After you have emptied all of the gas tanks, empty the gasoline containers into the gas tank of your vehicle. This allows you to utilize the gasoline that you purchased without creating a hazardous spill.


Do not allow any gasoline to reach 3 months of age. Gasoline is still viable before three months, but will degrade significantly thereafter. Emptying gas tanks and containers every 3 months prevents “bad gas” and eliminates moisture.


Read more by clicking on Winterizing and Gasoline Disposal here , an article presented by the E.P.A.


Keep your outdoor power equipment in top shape!





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