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Outdoor faucet - water bubbles out when shut off, then stops

My faucet is not leaking, but when I shut the valve off, the water bubbles out til the pressure is gone.  Any suggestions?

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Posted 2011-05-04T18:44:03+0000  by conniegraf conniegraf

Hey conniegraf, nice to hear from you again! I have the same setup in my garage and that’s exactly what I do when I wash the car (small bucket under the vacuum breaker).  :smileyvery-happy:


If you can relieve the pressure from the other side of the hose, you will encounter much less backpressure. So if you have a sprayer attached to the hose you can leave it on the "open" setting, which will reduce the amount of water that pushes on the vacuum breaker. 


I'm glad I could help, please let me know if there is anything else I can do! 



Best Answer

Posted 2011-05-04T20:04:04+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy


Hey conniegraf! Blake here, also known as BlakeTheDiyGuy. I have some good news and some good news which do you want first?  :smileyvery-happy:


The good news is that the bubbling is most likely coming from the vacuum breaker. Vacuum breakers are small accessories that are threaded on to your outdoor spigots, and according to building codes in most municipalities they must be present on new construction.


The other good news is that yours seems to be working properly! Vacuum breakers prevent waste water from your garden, being sucked into your homes plumbing system in the case of a loss of pressure (for example if the fire department is using a hydrant on your block to fight a fire water could actually be sucked OUT of your home!) This prevents dirty water from your garden hose being sucked into your homes plumbing where it could ruin your valves! (yikes!)


If you look very closely I think you will see water weeping through the holes in a device that looks very similar to this:



If not, please take a picture and we can see whats going on. 


I hope this helps conniegraf! Thanks for the question; you had us stumped for a few minutes out here in the California office!



Posted 2011-05-04T19:04:32+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

Thank you, Blake!  The picture you provided is EXACTLY how the faucet is configured; the culprit is indeed a vacuum breaker.  The only problem I still see is that my Mom lives in a townhome and the faucet is on the inner-most wall of her garage.  Is her only option to put a pail under the faucet to catch the water coming out the small holes in the vacuum breaker every time she waters her plants? 

Posted 2011-05-04T19:59:36+0000  by conniegraf
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