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Outdoor winter preparations starting at under $5

I was recently asked how a person could use WD-40 to prepare the outside of their home for winter.  During my research, I found a fan club and links to a list of over 2000 uses provided by end-users of the product!



           wd 40 various.jpg        wd gallon.jpg



The A-to-Z tips listed below are for general usage.  They are sorted by area around the home and yard.  Always check with your owners manual or manufacturer’s recommended guidelines for proper maintenance and upkeep.  Test a small area in an inconspicuous space before applying the product to a larger surface. 


Alarms: free rusted hinges on alarm boxes and unstick intercom buttons on apartment security systems


Attic Vents: lubricate wind-driven attic turbo vents


Awnings: lubricate arms on window awnings and sunshade joints


BBQs: loosen rusted screws as well as lubricate barbecue wheel casters, knobs on propane barbecues, and the lock on the chain securing the propane tank to the grill



bird feeder.jpg


Bird Houses: lubricate bird house hinges and spray the top of the bird feeder to make squirrels slide off (maybe you should not do this!)


Christmas: unstick decorations, keep the tree stand from rusting, and lubricate artificial tree limbs and mechanical reindeer


Clean: remove scum from rubber gloves, smooth water stains from outboard motors, clean metal surfaces, remove road salt from car locks, remove cement from metal, remove paint from tile, and shine steel


Clothesline: lubricate your clothesline retractor


Doors: lubricate doggie doors, hinge bearings on swing doors, rubber insulation around storm doors, make your dead bolt locks work better, and penetrate stuck doorknobs for smooth operation


Ceiling Fans: lubricate the noise dampening bearing on outdoor paddle fans


Fences: lubricate the metal latches on chain link fences, remove graffiti from latex fences, and spray the bottoms of chain-link fences to keep small critters out


Fountains: prevent corrosion on fountain parts and inhibit mildew growth


Furnaces: clean your furnace nozzle





Garage Doors: clean vinyl garage doors, lubricate garage door rollers / runners as well as worn gears in the garage door opener, stop the bottom of the garage door from sticking to the concrete, and eliminate squeaks on garage door casters


Garbage Cans: spray around the bottom of garbage cans to prevent animals from getting in, protect the handles of metal garbage cans from rust and corrosion, and keep the lid from sticking to the base


Garden: coat wire tomato plant cages to keep insects away, drive moisture from bird bath heaters, keep swinging plant hooks from squeaking and rusting, keep garden ornaments in fountains and ponds rust-free, stop corrosion on hose ends, lubricate the hose trigger nozzle and winder, keep metal wind chimes rust-free, loosen plastic pump handles and rubber seals on the sprayers, lubricate the lawn fertilizer spreader gears and rusted casters on rolling planters, lubricate the threads on table umbrella poles, protect grout from mildew in your outdoor shower, and shine outdoor sculptures


Gas: keep the gas shutoff valve from getting stuck





Gate: clean the lock nuts, drive away moisture from around gate latches, lubricate gate locks and kennel gates, and protect wrought iron from rust


Generator: lubricate the pull starter on your portable generator


Hand Tools: drive away moisture on garden tools to help prevent corrosion, keep wooden handles on garden tools from splintering, clean and protect wheelbarrow beds, loosen rusted joints on tree loppers and branch-cutting tools (pruners too!), protect pruning shear blades and hedge trimmers, clean heavy dirt and keep wet sticky snow off of your shovels, stop rust on ax blades and garden plows, keep clay from sticking to hand tools, lubricate air holes before inserting the hand air pump nozzle onto tires, protect hand trowels from corrosion, lubricate wheelbarrow wheels, protect snow shovels from the effects of salt, remove tree sap from tree snippers, shine wheelbarrow tires, and remove tar from shovels


Ladders: loosen the locking mechanisms on ladders


Lawnmowers: clean the blades, free locking nuts on lawn mower blades, keep wheels turning smoothly, loosen rusted wheels on the lawn spreader, unstick gas caps, loosen valve stems on tires, lubricate drive belt pulley bearings, lubricate lawn cart axles and the steering mechanism on riding mowers, lubricate zippers on grass catcher bags, and winterize your lawnmower to prevent freezing and rust while in storage





Mailboxes: penetrate frozen mail box doors, protect barrels and metal containers against rust and corrosion, stop squeaks on swinging address signs, lubricate the flag on mailboxes and hinges on metal boxes


Patio Doors: clean the patio door glide strip, remove sand from patio door runners, keep snow from sticking to the door, lubricate the hydraulic self closing hinge and slide locks, and unfreeze patio door locks


Patio Furniture: remove rusty nails from and lubricate screws on your lawn furniture, keep zippers on outdoor covers from sticking, lubricate runners on your porch glider, prevent rust on metal patio chairs, and protect pool furniture for winter storage


Pipes: coat the outside pipes during winter to help prevent freezing damage or pipe bursts


Playset: lubricate the moving parts on playground equipment


Power Tools: clean and protect trimmer blades, remove gunk from chain saws, clean roto-tiller bits, remove moisture from electrical contacts, lubricate casters and throttle cables, lubricate log splitters, and lubricate roto-tiller throttle cables and blades


Rust Prevention: prevent rust on hide-a-key containers and lubricate rusted screws


Satellite dishes: keep snow from sticking to your satellite dish


Sheds and Storage Buildings: remove rust from rollers and lubricate latches and locks


Siding: remove sticky deposits from aluminum siding (test first!)



snow blower.jpg

Snow Power: keep rubber snow blower blades free of snow buildup, lubricate and protect snowmobile suspension, lubricate auger blades and the discharge chute, lubricate the recoil starter and latch mechanisms on snowplows, lubricate the snow blower linkage, and protect exposed metal parts on your snow blower


Sprinklers: lubricate the ball valve handle on the sprinkler system


Sump Pump: lubricate the pulley on the sump pump


Trailer Hitches: loosen stuck trailer hitches


Water Main: prevent rust on the shut-off valve of the main water source


Weathervanes: lubricate squeaky weathervanes


Windows: clean window sills, keep metal wire screens rust-free, loosen crank arms, lubricate window locks and screen runners, protect storm window gaskets, and remove “artificial” snow from inside windows after the holidays





Zero: the number of presents you will receive if Santa’s sleigh runners get rusty!


Again, please test any item BEFORE you spray and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.  I would love to hear about your outdoor winter projects and how you prepare for cold and snow.






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