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Outlet controlled by light switch

I recently changed several electrical outlets in my house just to change from black outlets to white outlets. I connected them exactly the way the old ones were connected. The bottom plug of one outlet used to work with a wall switch. So I could turn one lamp on and off using the wall switch. The lamp still works in that bottom outlet, but the wall switch will no longer turn the lamp on and off. What did I do wrong?
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Posted 2016-05-18T03:13:50+0000  by JefferyT JefferyT
There is a small metal tab that connects the two screw terminals on the "hot" side of the receptacle.  Normally the "hot" wire only needs to be connected to one of the two screw so provide power for the entire receptacle.  When half the receptacle is switched, the tab is removed.  Then one wire provides power to one half and the other to the second half.  Use either needle nose pliers or a small screwdriver to break the tab.

Posted 2016-05-18T11:24:10+0000  by Adam444
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