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PAINTING VINYL FLOOR TILES... Prime? Paint? Seal? Epoxy?

I have been looking for a solution to painting my basement floor.  

In my basement: 
  There are 3 types of 1 sq. ft. peel/stick VINYL tiles that have accumulated over many years.  
     -The vinyl tiles have been deglossed with a liquid sander/deglosser
     -Some of the vinyl tiles have been deglossed AND then primed with KILZ Water-Based Latex Primer.
  There is a small area of concrete primed with KILZ Water-Based Latex Primer.  

I have been searching online forums, blogs, product sites, etc. and each one offers very different advice on painting Vinyl Floor Tiles.  I will be selling my house next year and want this painted floor to hold up through moving heavy items (such as a refrigerator,  treadmill, etc.) so that I don't have to repaint it.

One suggestion I found online to painting Vinyl Tiles was to:

1. DEGLOSS the tiles with a liquid sander/deglosser
2. PRIME (1 coat)
3. PAINT with Porch & Floor Paint (2 coats)
4. Seal with water based POLYCRYLIC crystal clear protective finish such as MinWax.

Another suggestion was to use EPOXY.  But some sites cautioned that EPOXY would not adhere properly to the Vinyl tiles.  And if Epoxy is the right choice, how do I prep the floor?  Does something like BEHR 1-PART EPOXY Concrete & Garage Floor Paint cut it?    Or Behr 2-Part Epoxy?  Etc.  

Any input or guidance would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Posted 2016-02-11T19:04:53+0000  by ALeary ALeary

Hey ALeary,

I wanted to chime in and say that if you decide to remove any vinyl flooring, it's extremely important you check it first to see if it has asbestos in it.

As you may or may not know, asbestos can be very bad for your health if you decide to remove it without professional help. The particles from the adhesive and/or tiles can and will get trapped in your lungs, leading to major health problems.

Again if you decide to remove it yourself, first use an asbestos test kit. It's shown below and linked here for more information.

PRO-LAB Asbestos Test Kit

If you do have asbestos in the tiles, your best bet is to either encapsulate them (no removal, just cover them with floor leveling compound) or hire an abatement company to safely remove them.

And personally, painting any vinyl flooring is always a poor choice for durability....regardless of the steps taken. Either remove them safely, or place a new flooring that can go over it.


Posted 2016-02-13T17:36:35+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
WOW! What a blended set of instructions you've received ALeary!

I contacted Charlotte at Behr Technical Support on your behalf.

She confirmed the following steps:

1) Kilz water-based primer is not floor-rated and should be removed;
2) Vinyl tile is not a sound substrate for any Behr products, the tile should be removed;
3) Use the diamond blade etcher from your local Tool Rental Department to completely remove remnant tile adhesive and Kilz primer until you expose the underlying concrete floor;
4) Remove sanding dust completely from floor with a shop vac;
5) Prime bare concrete floor with Behr #436;
6) Apply Behr Porch and Floor or Behr Garage Floor Paint; and
7) Although not necessary, Behr Low Lustre Sealer can be applied over your choice from #6.

So, according to Behr Technical Support, there really are no products designed to successfully go over your existing vinyl tile floor.

Removing the tile, Kilz primer already applied, and adhesive to expose fresh concrete are three prerequisites for applying any of the products mentioned in steps five through seven above.

Based upon your description and your efforts to use Kilz water-based primer, I know this is not what you hoped to find.

However, at the end, you mention not having to repaint after moving refrigerator, treadmill, etc.

These seven steps are your best bet to reach that goal.

When we can assist you again, don't hesitate to join us at The Community.

Pat InPaint

Behr Technical Support is also technical support for Kilz. 

My call with Charlotte covered both products.

Posted 2016-03-24T20:54:54+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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