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I am looking to install  a 10'x10' patio in my backyard using pavers12"square.i have grass in yard now. do i have to dig up grass or can i level it off on top ?

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Posted 2012-04-15T22:58:25+0000  by celdon celdon

You should remove the grass.  You can do this by renting a Sod Cutter from your local rental shop or you can purchase a manual one.  I suggest you rent a powered cutter.  Once you remove the sod you need to prepare the base with at least 4 inches of crushed stone and then compact the stone.  Install your edge restraints and then add a 1.5 inch  layer of sand.  This will lock the pavers in place.  Lay down the pavers and then tamp  using a power tamp which can also be rented.  The last step is to sweep sand into the paver joints.


Good luck!


Posted 2012-04-16T18:47:53+0000  by fesiele

Howdy Celdon,



It's good to hear your making  plans before putting time and money towards improving your yard.


I have to agree with what "Fesiele" said. The best way to install pavers is by digging up the grass first. 


If you lay the pavers on dirt, the soil will wash away and the pavers will be uneven and a hazzard to walk on. 


 DSCF2956 (600x234).jpg


 If the spot is small, a shovel will do fine. If the area is large, the rototiller can be rented from The Home Depot. Remember, you need to dig down about 6 inches.


       Paver-Base-Bags.jpg                 Paver-Sand-Bags.jpg          VpopViewer (140x140).jpg

   Paver Base Gravel          Paver Base Sand                Tamper


Then you can put down about 4 inches of paver base gravel to make a solid surface and tamper down.

 FPtemp (393x600) (262x400) (262x400).jpgedging (240x239).jpg

               Tamping                                                                    Edger


Next you add about 2 inches of paver sand and tamper down. If you are doing a solid path you'll need to use some edging to keep everything together. 


 pavers (300x134).jpg     

                                                paver (300x199).jpg


If your installing stepping stones, your done.


Don't be shy about posting some photos of before and after,


Happy Gardening,





Posted 2012-04-16T22:34:04+0000  by Dave_HD_OC


I've already started a project to replace my sidewalk with pavers and redirect the walk from the street to about midway the driveway. I'm looking at using paverstone (HD has a nice 5-1/2 square stone that we like.


Since I'm pulling up the old concrete, I'm trying to get a handle on the best way to lay this out and what materials I will need to get it done, mainly the supplies to go with the pavers. Thanks

Posted 2012-04-17T21:03:42+0000  by Htown_warrior

Howdy Htown_Warrior,


There are a few ways to lay out pavers so let's get started.



          marking paint (150x200).jpg       chalk (84x200).jpg      hose (200x200).jpg


Using inverted spray paint or a garden hose and snap-line chalk are usefull to mark your layout.


            Patio-Stone (444x291).jpg


Pavers that have space will need need a gravel base of about 4 inches and tampering.

Using rocks or groundcover to fill in the space between gives you a finished look.



     paver1 (500x324).jpg


Interlocking the pavers still need the 4 inches of gravel base and about 2 inches of leveling sand.

You'll also need an edging to keep everything in place.

               Paver-Base-Bags.jpg     Paver-Sand-Bags.jpg   edging (300x300) (200x200).jpg

The base will keep the pavers from shifting and becoming a hazard.


Post some photos if you get a chance...we like to see peoples handiwork.


Happy Gardening, 


Posted 2012-04-19T19:32:53+0000  by Dave_HD_OC

How do I figure out how much paver base gravel and sand I need for a project?

Posted 2013-07-29T20:52:35+0000  by berylwing
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