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PISSED! - At the change of paint matching system!

I went to my Home Depot WITH the label from a can of specially mixed Behr paint to get more, only to by told "the system has changed" and the numbers on my label no longer meant anything to them!  I asked why they could not simply convert the old numbers to the "new system" and was told they could not!   Now I have to drive all the way home, not an inconsiderable distance, and get a sample from the old can to take all the way back, delaying my project for days while I work this out!  Why on earth would Home Depot change the "system" without providing for a conversion?

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Posted 2013-10-21T23:40:30+0000  by whooboy whooboy

Hello Whooboy!


Please accept my sincerest apologies for the inconvenience that this has caused you. :smileysad: I'm a paint associate at Home Depot and I have had to deliver the same news to my some of my customers. Not only did our system change a few years ago, our tints changed as well. Colors that we have in our online color catalogue did convert over. But, if the color was a color match, or a manual formula there is no way for us to convert it because the tints are different now. 


- Christine

Posted 2013-10-23T17:51:20+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
I just discovered this myself.  I have probably 15-20 labels meticulously saved from a few years ago, all worthless now.  Color matching simply is not accurate enough for most purposes.  I'm EXTREMELY disappointed in Home Depot's lack of regard for their customers in switching over their paint system without having a way to match colors from an existing label.  

I will never purchase paint from Home Depot again.
Posted 2014-07-26T21:23:40+0000  by anon11375

Actually, the system, per se, did not change. What changed was that all the colorants are now no VOC. This was done for environmental reasons. Most of the new colorants are the exact equivalent of the old ones. However, if the old formula contained Blue E, or Green D, it cannot simply be reproduced, as the new Blue and Green tints are much stronger than the old versions.

As Christine states, this only presents a problem when a custom match was made of a color outside the existing standard Behr or Glidden colors. The standard colors were all reconfigured to reproduce the exact equivalent color with the new colorants.

An old custom matched color can be reproduced if a sample is available to scan into the color matching computer. 

A skilled paint associate can also slowly add the Green or Blue into the old formula until the old color is reached. This however, still requires a sample of the old paint. It also is quite time consuming, as the tint must slowly be added until the desired color is reached.
Posted 2014-07-27T17:36:06+0000  by ordjen
Very accurate description Ordjen!

During almost eleven years in The Paint Pit, I have seen the tints change at least five times.

Concern for the environment has always been an underlying driver and the most recent changes help reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds) even more.

Each time we change tints, Behr and Glidden have revised the formulas for all of their standard colors.

Unfortunately, customers have had to re-match previously matched colors each time as well.

Although a bit more work, when you save your labels it is a great idea to make a two-inch square sample of the color from the can. 

Make certain it is on a white card with no print on the back and make the sample at least two coats thick.

This will ensure that your Paint Associate can recreate the color in the future ... regardless of changes future changes in tints.
Posted 2014-07-29T16:53:23+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

I am trying to think of what the "5 changes" have been to the tints over the years? I have seen the addition of the high hide reds, the new high hide yellow and violet. Other than the additional colors, what has substantively changed? They no longer come in those old cardboard "oil can" containers( thank goodness). The fractions of the tints formulas changed from 48ths and 96ths to 384ths.

Other than the change to   low VOC tints, essentially little has changed to the tints themselves.
Posted 2014-08-01T04:13:44+0000  by ordjen
Thanks Ordjen!

Yesterday, I counted the changes with our Rep and we confirmed at least five changes.

Click this link to another thread which discusses "How To" create a color match when the formula does not contain the current tints.

Posted 2014-08-07T15:59:28+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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