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I purchased a can of Behr Premium Paint last week with the intention of painting one wall in my living room. (My house is one year old, and the walls are in perfect condition). When I applied the 2nd coat of paint, my wall was streaky, and looked horrible. I decided that a third coat may be what was required. My wall still looked like a disaster. I called the Behr 800 number to see if they could give me some assistance. The gentleman I spoke with told me to take a picture of my wall with the paint can in front of the project so they could determine it was a behr product, then go and buy another can of paint and send them the picture, the label from the old can, fill out a form they would email me, and attach the receipt from the new can of paint and they would re-imburse me the purchase price.  I decided to give a call to Home Depot and spoke to one of their consultants who advised me to try a new roller and if that did not work, to bring the can of paint in and they would replace it. I bought a new roller, and painted the wall for the forth time.... still the streak appeared. I brought the can of paint back to HD and they replaced the paint with a new can. I re-painted the wall for the fifth time, and didn't the streaks show up again..... since it was a new can, I decided that perhaps it would need a sixth coat of paint.... although it is better.... I can still see the streaks..

Now, I have been painting walls for 15 years, it is something that I enjoy and am good at. I have never had this problem before. I have used cheap paint and expensive paint and never has this happened. I even went on line to watch videos to see if I was doing something wrong, but no, I wasn't.  I have lost all confidence in Behr paint, I have decided my best approach now will be to wait a couple of weeks, go and buy some primer and another gallon of paint, this time from General Paints and start over....:-(  

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Posted 2012-08-06T21:09:44+0000  by janetg janetg




I am going to make an assumption that the one wall you painted was an accent wall and the color was a very deep color, most likely mixed from a "deep base" paint. These deep colors are often loaded with 12 to 14 ounces of colorant. Large amounts of colorant significantly slow down the drying and curing time. As a rule of thumb, it is a good idea to give one hour of drying time for each ounce of colorant in the paint. The streaking you describe is often a result of re-coating too soon. It is also more pronounced in the higher sheens.


In my former contracting years, I often used alot of Benjamin Moore's products. On the rear of their eggshell gloss paint, they clearly stated to allow 8 hours between coating, especially if using dark colors. Well, time is money and I would re-coat it a couple hours later, Sure enough, it would dry streaky. My bad! The next morning, one more coat would be given, and low and behold,. streak free!


When working on relatively new homes, where I was going over the builder's paint, I always assumed I was going over "builder's grade paint" and primed all walls to be done. If the walls were not primed, streaks resulted. Ironically, the color would often cover extremely well, mainly because the poorly seal walls were sucking in lots of paint! However, a very heavy coat of paint was being applied, and thus the drying/curing time increased.


If I  might hazard a quess, it is a case of too many coats with too small an interval between them.


Hope this gives some insight.

Posted 2012-08-07T02:15:14+0000  by ordjen

so what is the interval you would recomend between coats? 740D-5 Twig Basket is the colour I painted the wall? I know you said 1 hr between each ounce of colourant, but that means 11 hours, that is a long time. Perhaps the associates at HD should verbally indicate this to buyers. I did wait over 24 hours between some of the coats...especially between the old can and the replacement can it was more like 2 days and the streaks were still there, just as bad as the with the original can. I have painted many rooms, and never had to wait 12 hours between coats and like I said never had the streaking that I have now. 

Posted 2012-08-07T16:26:50+0000  by janetg




You now have at least 6 coats of paint on this wall in a very short period of time,or about 15 to 20 mils of thickness. Acrylic paints take almost 30 days to fully cure. At this paint, were it mine, I would give it a couple weeks to cure and then try once again.


I actually made a test board using Premium Plus mixed to "Twig Basket". I primed the bare drywall and then applied a coat of the paint.  About three hours later, I painted a second coat of the paint. About an hour later the board was dry to the touch, but exhibited minor streaking. The next morning, the streaking had completely disappeared!


Quite frankly, the paint had covered with the first coat ( this surprised even me, due to the drastic change from white to strong greenish.olive color), but I put additional coats on to see if I could produce some streaking. I even deliberately applied the paint  a little unevenly. Alas, the paint looks perfect.


Again, I fear your problem has been caused by too many coats too fast without a chance for adequate drying/curing between.


Hope this helps.

Posted 2012-08-09T06:02:15+0000  by ordjen
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