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PVC Pipe

Does anyone know how to color PVC pipe or where I can buy some? The scruffy white in the plumbing section just doesnt look good.

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Posted 2011-04-18T16:19:35+0000  by bernie99 bernie99

Hi bernie99, I’m Ken with The Home Depot.


Good to see you back at the community. This is a question I’m asked from customers working on projects where they would like to paint PVC or get a different color other than white.


There is electrical conduit which is grey PVC and then there also ABS which is black. However if you’re looking to really get a color from a design point of view then I got just the thing for you.


One way I know is by lightly sanding the PVC just enough to take the shine off, next wipe down with a damp cloth to remove sanding dust. This ensures that the surface will hold paint


Next use some RUST-OLEUM primer for plastics. Then you will want to choose one of the many paint colors designed for plastics by RUST-OLEUM


This should get your PVC looking great and ready for the next step of your project. I have included a link to show you the RUST-OLEUM product line.



 bernie99, please post some pictures of your finished project. Good luck with your project. Hope this helps.

Posted 2011-04-18T17:57:30+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

I have found in my own projects that once you have thouroghly coated any plastic item with the plastic safe paint that you can paint it using regular spray paint since you have a protective coating between the plastic and the not safe for plastic paint, think of the plastic safe paint as a sealer.

As an example I have done some work for my landlord to redo these two plastic decorative balls from her beauty shop sign that had seen better days. I went to get the plastic primer. I could not find any anywhere, so I bought the plastic safe paint that was hot pink, a can of regular metal primer and a can of antique brass.  I cleaned the balls up, coated it completely with the hot pink plastic paint and then hit it with the primer. It came out real nice and no bad side effects, then finished with the antique brass, and yes these were all rust oleum products. My landlord was so happy that they turned out better than she thought they would. You have to get 3 feet from them to see that they were not true brass, but from the distance her customers would see them, they looked real in fact a couple of her customers asked where she got the brass balls because they have looked high and low and cant find them anywhere and they were surprised when she told them they were plastic, and I got 20 bucks off my rent :) the big secret to painting is do prep work and take your time, do not try to coat it all at once, light coats results in a better finish.

Posted 2011-12-19T01:57:44+0000  by padeutsche
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