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Paint Gold Jewel-Tone

I want to paint a room in a rich gold color, not yellow, not brown. I stopped by a Home Depot last night and got Behr samples of two colors that have 'gold' in it's title. They are both yellow to me.

I think I may need to do a glaze to get the jewel-towned effect that I want. How do I do that? How much longer does that take? Can I still do this in a weekend?


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Posted 2010-10-23T18:12:25+0000  by hdapril hdapril

Hello hdapril,


Welcome to our community! I have consulted with PatInPaint, another paint expert on this community, and we have come up with a solution.


It sounds like you want to do a metallic finish in this room. Currently the only metallic product that we carry is the Ralph Lauren Regent Metallic paint. Check for availability at your local store.If it’s no longer sold at your store, you can special order it.


There are a few different gold colors that you can use. The color ‘Parlor Gold’ is the one that would achieve the look that you are going for.


Here is a sample of ‘Parlor Gold’:




Is this is kind of gold you were thinking?


There is also a color called 'Golden Candlesticks':





Here is a link for the specifications of this product:


To properly apply this paint, you should use the Ralph Lauren Regent Metallic roller or a smooth roller. You should also be prepared to do 2 coats.  


Be sure to get enough of the paint for your whole project because soon it will be replaced by the Martha Stewart faux finish line. I’m not sure what products she will be bringing in, but this will be happening in the near future.


No need to worry! This can be easily done in one weekend.


Please post pictures of your finished product.


I look forward to hearing from you soon,


Posted 2010-10-23T20:48:26+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

I picked up some spackle/applicator/scaper, Ralph Lauren Metallic Golden Candlestick paint, Ralph Lauren Candlestick roller, tape and outlet covers. FInished spackling, and just taped off the area - wish me luck!

Posted 2010-10-24T17:45:30+0000  by hdapril

Good Day hdapril,


OK, I'm wishing you Good Luck! But when using Regent Metallic combined with the other supplies you purchased ... you will not need luck.


This product is one of the true gold metal look-a-like wall coatings in the marketplace. Combined with the Regent Metallic roller, it produces a high-hide finish that looks like metallic gold (very similar to gold leaf).


I have used this material as an accent color on furniture, to create dimension on the upturn panels of vaulted ceilings, and to create vertical stripes over navy blue accent walls. And, there are many more creative ways to use this unique product. It also comes in a silver base. The full color offering can be seen at your local THD paint desk.


Based upon the description of your project, you made a good choice. Simple to apply and the results are fabulous. Expect your guests to say WOW! And then ask HOW.


ColourMeChristine and I would love to see the finished results. If you are able, please take time to attach a photo or video when your project is complete.

Posted 2010-10-26T12:43:16+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

I painted the interior of my home a year ago with Ralph Lauren paint. Now I want to apply a Regent Metallic

on top of it. Is there any prep work I need to do before applying the Metallic?

Posted 2010-11-11T00:44:23+0000  by gp

Hello gp,


Welcome to our community! My name is Christine, and I will be helping you today with your project.


I love the look of the Regent Metallic paint, and I hope that you will too!


Before you apply the Regent Metallic paint, you will want to make sure that the wall is free of dust using a lint free rag.


Next, make sure to put up painters tape anywhere you don’t want to paint.


Now you will need to prime the area with a latex based primer. You should use a grey tinted primer if you choose a dark color such as the one shown below:


RLStoneGate.metallic.jpg  This is the Regent Metallic color “Stonegate”.


 On the contrary, you should use a white primer if you choose a light color such as this one:


SilverPlated.RL.jpg  This is the Regent Metallic color “Silver Plated”.


After the primer dries, its go time!


Here is a link  for all of the Regent Metallic colors. Please check your local store for availability.



If you have any questions about application, just let me know, I’ll be glad to walk you through the rest of the process.


Happy painting!


Posted 2010-11-13T13:01:15+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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