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Paint Matching

I hope this is an easy question, but we bought a gallon of paint from Home Depot last week, and well ran out. Unfortunately it was with leaving a couple walls not complete, needing touch ups. My fiance' swears we cannot get matching paint without having to re-do all that has been done. It has been my understanding with today's computer controlled exact mixing machines, this is not an issue. Since I am the one who used the last of the paint, I could be in serious trouble here, help!



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Posted 2012-02-20T03:14:29+0000  by paininpaint paininpaint

Since we spoke last, paininpaint, we have changed both our tints and the color matching equipment.

The new equipment still requires several scans to produce an accurate match.

So, you'll most likely see your local Paint Associate take time to read the color several times.

This extra time and effort is really worth the end result ... a repeatable formula that accurately reproduces your color.

Even with these improvements, you'll still find that some colors will have to be manually adjusted to reach and exact match.

When you come for a color match, bring your old can as well as a sample off the wall.

Then allow your Paint Associate fifteen-minutes to go through the process.

Posted 2015-11-10T23:15:29+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

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Posted 2015-12-03T17:21:50+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

I bought two gallons of paint to paint my daughters room, with the first gallon I cut the paint below the ceiling, around the trim and put the first coat on the walls.  The next day I was planning on putting the second coat on the walls, the plan was this was to take up only two hours of my Sunday.  Well let me tell you I was mad, I still had a little less than 25% of the first can so I started with this can for the second coat - then I opened the second can of paint and started putting on the second coat and the color seemed off - a couple shades darker.  I decided to finish off the walls with the second gallon hoping the variation in color was due to the paint still being wet - not a chance later that evening I went back to check and the difference was noticeable.

Soooo what do I do I bring back both gallons to Home Depot and spoke to the manager.  He suggests it was my fault because anytime you buy more than one gallon of paint you are suppose to mix them - what a bunch of BS.  I have painted my entire house with Behr paint never mixing multiple gallons and always found each gallon to have an exact match.  The Manager only refunded me one gallon - didn't consider my entire weekend ruined and I still am not confident that the label on the can will give me a match the next time I need touch-up paint. 

I am still pissed because 1. the manager seemed to suggest it was my fault, 2. I should have been refunded both gallons - lesson learned I probably will not buy future paint at home depot.

Posted 2018-02-12T18:39:21+0000  by Ozzy
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