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Paint Matching

Is it possible for me to mix a color I'm happy with using my own art-grade acrylic paints, and bring it into the store to be matched (similar is fine) to an already existing color, or have an associate make that color for me? I'm just NOT having any luck with swatches, and when I find one I really like, it's made by a brand way out of my budget. Ugh.
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Posted 2015-03-19T19:11:00+0000  by GizmoDawn GizmoDawn
Absolutely GizmoDawn!

Your best bet is to dry a double coat of your sample on pure white paper (no blue lines or other colors) or a stir stick.

Take it to The Paint Pit and ask for a color match.

The half-pint samples come in Flat and Satin from Behr and in Eggshell from Glidden.

This will allow you to verify the color under the lighting in your home or office.

Once you are happy with the color, your Paint Associate will be able to make larger containers in the sheen you prefer.

Color matching only creates a formula to re-create colors, but will not identify a color by name or color number.

Once matched, the formula is used to make any size container.

Posted 2015-03-19T21:14:20+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Thank you! This was extremely helpful!
Posted 2015-03-19T22:04:22+0000  by GizmoDawn

The Home Depot Color Centers have a spectrograph computer which will read your color sample and identify which of Behr's stock palette of colors is closest to your color. It will NOT generate a formula.

The spectrograph computer at the desk will generate a paint formula to exactly match your sample color brought in, as Pat in Paint has stated.
Posted 2015-03-22T05:20:02+0000  by ordjen
You're welcome GizmoDawn!

I appreciate your positive feedback.

Our only purpose for being here is to help you have success the first time, every time!

When you need help again, we'll be right here.

Posted 2015-04-30T21:37:28+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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