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Paint Matching

I need your opinion on paint. I want the colors of my room to be white, brown, and blue, but I don't know what shades the colors should be. I want the blue to be light, but I don't know how to match the colors to make them match.\
Thank You,

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Posted 2015-06-18T00:24:46+0000  by Krissie Krissie
Picking colors "online" is a challenge for a couple of reasons.  Any colors I (or anyone else) would pick for you will likely appear different on your computer's monitor.  Colors on a monitor also look quite different than they do on a wall because of the way they are perceived by the human eye.  On a monitor light passes through the color, while on a wall light is reflected.

You best bet is to pick a time when the store isn't too busy and have the paint associates help you pick some colors.  I find the paint brochures a good place to start because they usually show color groups.  Remember that Home Depot isn't the only place that sells paint.  You can pick up some brochures at other stores and then have Home Depot match those colors.

Once you get your color choices narrowed down, purchase some of the small test containers and put the paint on wall and trim in your home.  Light can greatly effect how color is perceived and the lighting in the store will likely be very different than the lighting in your home.
Posted 2015-06-18T11:34:15+0000  by Adam444
Hey Krissie,

I have several solutions that will help you and one that might inspire a smile!

The point of that piece: 
The Home Decorators Collection at The Home Depot coordinates colors, blinds, curtain rods, lighting and more.

How easy could it be!?!

The point of that piece: 
Use colors you love from nature to build a palette for your home.

I frequently encourage my customers to carefully observe the colors in natural stone, like Travertine, or take pictures of breathtaking sunsets as color reference points.

Very simply, nature rarely gets color selection wrong.

So, sharpen your observation skills and then bring your favorite colors from nature indoors!


Just for fun, I'm including: A Bird's-eye View Of Selecting Colors

These beautiful and spirited birds climbed right up on the Behr Ultra display and began tossing out the colors they liked.

Have a look!
Posted 2015-06-18T15:04:37+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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