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Paint Matching Problem

The previous owners of our house left a can of the interior paint that covers most of our walls. It is Gidden Evermore Interior Latex Enamel Satin. The Home Depot color codes are on the top, but, as I learned when I went to Home Depot, they are from the old coding system (top row reads Colorant, 0Z, 48, 96; 2nd row: B Lamp Black  2  27  1; 3rd row: C Yellow Oxide 3 35 1; fourth row: D Thalo Green 0   3  1).

I'm writing because I cannot find a match with the scanning technique at Home Depot. The color appears to match in the store, but when applied, is a bit dark on the wall, taking on the appearance of a similarly colored stain.

Is there any advice anyone can give? Is there anywhere I can go that can still use the old Home Depot codes, for example?



Bill Coleman

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Posted 2012-11-25T19:34:46+0000  by coleman2012 coleman2012

Hello coleman:smileyvery-happy: Welcome to the community!


I am sorry about your dilemma with the paint at your home. 


    In most cases - the only way to "touch up" paint is with the original paint that was used.  Sometimes even that is not a good solution - because of age and exposure the paint may not perfectly match.  Also, satin finish paints have the appearance of being different because of an added layer of sheen.  In other words; the color may be right but as the paint on the wall fades, a new layer (touch up) will be shinier than the rest.


The best solution is to get as close as possible to the original color and paint whole sections of wall - like from corner to corner.



There is a last resort option of cutting out a small section of wall in an inconspicuous place about the size of a business card. Take that in to your Home Depot’s paint department and have them direct match the sample.  You will still end up with spots that look slightly different – due to the shinier finish.

Posted 2012-11-25T21:13:18+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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