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Paint Matching to old system

I need a way to convert the old system labeling to your new system. I originally bought $14,000 worth of paint from the HomeDepot for my warehouses instead of going with Frazee paint because your paint department said as long as I had the labels they could remake my paint with no problem. Well come to find out today that you changed your system and the labels are now useless for my warehouses. Am I supposed to put another 14k worth of paint on my walls due to your sales pitch from your paint guys ? They tried color matching it and came no where near it, and I went to three different home depots and had them match up the paint. (all three were different and still no match). And how my walls are done, theres no way I can have a mismatched paint as it would be noticeable. 



Let me know what you can do to convert the color samples.  Here are the two colors:




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Posted 2013-08-19T01:58:56+0000  by carnagexxx carnagexxx

Welcome to our community Carnagexxx!


My fellow associate Kevin from Atlanta has asked me to pass along his message concerning your color matching issue:



I am certainly sympathetic to your frustrations surrounding your dilemma.  I serve as a paint associate in Atlanta, and have encountered this situation on numerous occasions. 


   The change in protocol could not have been foreseen in 2011 when your paint was originally mixed...The EPA actually tightened regulations on the type of chemicals allowed in paints (and colorants), as well as other environmental concerns like VOC's.  The change went industry wide and affected every major paint manufacturer.


   With that said…Whenever this type of situation has happened in my paint department I usually suggest that the customer try and bring an actual sample of the paint as it is on the walls now.  There are several environmental issues that affect the appearance of color once exposed to certain elements.  Issues may include fading, discoloration of high traffic areas, chemicals used to clean, and even central air units blowing fine partials around can affect the color and/or finish.  Cutting out a small section of the wall about the size of the bottom of a glass should be more than sufficient for us to get a match.


   The last thing I would like to address is the several failed attempts to match the two colors illustrated in the pictures you posted to your satisfaction:  Sometimes the color matching system (a highly sensitive white space with a high intensity light) can be at fault or have a small amount of debris inside that will influence the color’s outcome. Most of the time, colors are close but not exact due to those above mentioned variances.   I have found that once the colors are up on the wall and have had time to cure – that the difference is virtually undetectable.  If however, the intent is to “touch up” then most of the time in just about every situation you will see a difference. As mentioned, there are just too many factors to insure an exact seamless transition. 


If you have any more questions or concerns, please let us know!



Posted 2013-08-21T13:40:31+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

Thank you Christine for the reply. I ended up going with Frazee paints as they guarenteed me in writing that my paint could be remade to the same specs or they would cover the full costs to replace the paints bought. (its something I could not pass up).  And as far as your comments about fading, dicoloartion, etc. for matching pass paint, I actually had 10 gallons of unopened paint stored in a temp controlled area of my office.  Home Depot paint department tried to match it time and time again and they could not match it. They apoligized stating that there is a slim chance their photo color spectrophotometer would not match the color which it could not.  And I thanked them for going out of their way to try and match it up using what they had for their tech and by "eye balling" it and adding color pigments by hand.  But in the end it was a no go for a match. Im fine as it will cost me $14k to redo the paint I had, which is fine as I was just about to do two more of my warehouses, which would have cost me more to correct in the long run. (guess this is where professional stores vs. retail stores come into play).  Again, thanks for the quick reply and Id like to thank the paint department at the Home Depots across the Las Vegas valley for trying extra hard to help me.  The paint I will be buying elseware, but my construction material for my warehouse Ill still be buying at the Depot due to the commitment of your employees. Thanks again Christine.   :)


Posted 2013-08-23T07:06:35+0000  by carnagexxx
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