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Paint Stripping !

Hi  Everyone , I'm working on a Old House that used to belong to my grandmother. All the wood work upstairs has already been restored before my Wife and I moved in. Anyway I'm working on the rest, I'm working on  stripping and staining the Doors and all the Moldings/ Trim. Some of the Paint comes off easy and some of it is a real Pain in the Butt. Whats the best Paint Stripper that would remove all types of Paint( since I dont know what kinds are on the wood)) and also How do You get the paint out of the little cracks and crevices of the Doors and woodwork. All ideas and tips will be appreciated. Thanks ! ! !

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Posted 2011-04-14T12:40:46+0000  by AshburnCreek AshburnCreek

Your Restoration Project Sounds Great AshburnCreek!


Isn't it wonderful to restore a home that belonged to a family member.


You can tackle your project with the following products: Klean Strip brush-on paste for wood, 000 steel wool, a fourteen-in-one painter's tool, and Klean Strip After Wash.


Brush-on a thick, even coat of the Stripper and allow it to work for about 15-minutes. The surface will bubble up and should wipe off easily using the steel wool. The back edge of the fourteen-in-one painter's tool is pointed and sharp ... just the thing to reach into those creases. Be careful using this tool. It has a firm metal edge and could damage the wood if too much pressure is applied. Finally, the After Wash is designed to remove the caustic chemicals in the Stripper.


You will be working with caustic chemicals, so throughout this process wear eye protection, gloves rated for exposure to caustic chemicals, and protect your skin by wearing full-length apparel or better yet a protective body suit.


Although instructions typically describe this project as a "one, two, three ... you're done" process. Anyone who has used stripping agents will tell you that there will likely be tough areas that require a second or more applications.


WORTH CONSIDERATION: If you do not like the idea of working with caustic chemicals inside the house, go to the Store and ask the Millworks Associate to help you create an estimate for replacing the trim as opposed to removing the paint from existing trim. Doors are much more expensive and the existing doors can be taken outside, so stripping them is less problematic.

Posted 2011-04-14T13:27:57+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Thanks for the info. I'll give it a try on my next off weekend and Vacation in May.

Posted 2011-04-14T16:22:42+0000  by AshburnCreek

Hi , is the Klean Strip KS-3 Premium Stripper the right stuff ? Thanks

Posted 2011-04-14T16:26:45+0000  by AshburnCreek

Glad to help!


Projects on this scale (whole house) can be daunting ... try breaking it down into several smaller projects.


Once you establish a pattern, you'll find yourself getting more done in less time.

Posted 2011-04-14T16:28:29+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL



The manufacturer says: The Klean-Strip 1-Gallon KS-3 Premium Stripper helps remove multiple layers of latex, oil-based paints, polyurethane, epoxy, varnish and shellac from most wood, metal and masonry surfaces. It removes most coatings in as little as 15 minutes.


And it looks like this: KleanStrip.jpg

Posted 2011-04-14T16:31:07+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

This article does a good job of giving the "real deal" on stripping:

Posted 2013-08-13T21:21:57+0000  by lan99
Since you originally asked, AshburnCreek, we've introduced Jasco Premium Paint Stripper.

The fifteen-minute timeline is as short as any product we sell.
Posted 2015-12-03T21:25:04+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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