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Paint a Range Hood Black

Is it posible for me to paint an almond range hood black? The hood is non vented. 

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Posted 2013-06-04T23:07:11+0000  by novicesenior novicesenior


Hi Novicesenior,


Yes, you may paint an almond range hood black; however it will require cleaning the hood thoroughly to remove any soil and cooking grease prior to refinishing.


I would remove it from the cabinet if possible to make the job easier.


Here are the steps:


1)      Clean the hood thoroughly with a good kitchen cleaner/degreaser. If you are leaving the hood in place cover

           the surrounding area to prevent drips and stills form damaging the cabinets or counter top.


2)      Lightly sand the surface to scuff the existing paint so the new paint will adhere to the surface, you can use

         steel wool or fine sand paper to do this. Use a tack cloth to remove any residue.


3)      Mask off any areas you do not want painted, such as the underside of the hood or the surrounding cabinets.


4)      Apply your first coat of paint; make this a light coat so you don’t have any runs or drips. Spray paint works best.


5)      Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly, and then apply a second coast. Since you are changing colors a third

         coat may be needed.


6)      Finally remove any masking you applied and admire your great work.


Good luck with your project!



Posted 2013-06-04T23:58:57+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

I am excited to get started.  What kind of paint can I use?  The Rustoleum spray paint I have says do not paint surfaces that will get heat more than 225 degrees.

Posted 2013-06-21T04:36:01+0000  by novicesenior

Hello Novicesenior!


Rust-Oleum's High Heat spray paint will resist heat up to 1200 degrees. It comes in both a flat and gloss finish.


Good luck with your project. Please let us know how it turns out!


Christine :smileyhappy:

Posted 2013-06-24T19:59:17+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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