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Paint and Glaze

  I love the look of the paint and glaze cabinets, but can't afford to buy new ones. I currently have the dark 70's cabinets and  want to try this technique on them.  I want to paint them white then put a glaze over that.  Has anyone ever done this? 


Thanks, pjmcfarden

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Posted 2011-03-25T21:27:44+0000  by pjmcfarden pjmcfarden

Hello pjmcfarden,


Welcome to the community.


This is a very common question here in the community. There have been many different posts and videos already done. I don’t want to re-invent the wheel so I am going to give you a couple of different links that will take you to the other posts and within those posts there are links to other posts. (A whole lot of information):smileywink:


1.       Martha Stewart Faux Finishes

2.       Faux Finish trim and cabinets


I believe that you should be able to get a few different ideas for your cabinets from these posts.


Make sure you take before and after pictures and do a follow up post so all of us can give you the at-a-boys that you deserve. :smileyvery-happy:


Let us know if you have any other questions. We would love to help.

Posted 2011-03-25T22:18:41+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

If your existing cabinets are stained and varnised.. you need to  be sure the wood is all clean and dust free,,if you likeyou can lightly sand them with 220 paper.  Just do the doors and faces... Make dust free again. Now you need LATEX KILZ or any stain killer primer. This stuff will dry and be permanant. (It wont scratch off  with your fingernail). Use a mini-roller (smooth nap) lay off with brush,,(if desired) depending on color,,may need two coats. LET DRY COMPLETELY! READ CAN FOR DRY TIMES. You can use latex or oil  glaze.(I prefer oil)  because it dries slower,(more working time),,you tint the glaze to a umber tone (or buy it tinted at store),,using a very dry brush,,gently swip the cabinet doors ,,ONE LONG STRIP),,some areas darker than goes rather fast and easier than you think. then do the cabinets,,same way,,long single gliding motion. Let dry and finish with a latex varnish,(Smooth mini-roller or brush) if preferred  lightly use 150 grit sand paper and just lightly sand the edges on corners to give it a old used look (DISTRESSED) around handles and most touched area,,to look old and worn effect..  OR YOU CAN JUST CALL ME AND I'LL COME DO IT!!  815-365-3013   Craig

Posted 2011-09-07T16:27:09+0000  by painter571957

Hi PJ!


I'm PatInPaint and I help customers at The Store everyday with faux and other refinishing projects.


If it is not in your budget, there is absolutely no reason for you to hire a contractor to faux your cabinets.


My customers report high-dollar quotes ... as high as $6,600 for a set of kitchen cabinets. But, after taking time to review the materials linked below and practicing on remnant pieces of trim or an extra cabinet door, they purchase as little as $250 worth of materials and do it themselves. Then they come back and rave about how much fun they had doing it.


You can too!!!


One of our Product Experts, SheCanDoIt, was very gracious to help w/ your inquiry. The links she provided do not appear to be working, so I am reposting them so you will have access to that content. Hope this helps!


Faux Finish Trim and Cabinets


Martha Stewart Faux Finishes



Posted 2011-09-08T11:54:56+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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