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Paint appearing as stained wood

Is there paint for vinyl garage doors that would make it appear to be stained wood?

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Posted 2013-05-02T17:00:57+0000  by Robertnsando Robertnsando




Should you be so inclined, a garge door can be given a faux wood grain look. Most of the paneled vinyl and metal garage doors already have  an embossed wood grain pattern stamped in them.


 The process is that of giving the door a base coat of a quality 100% acrylic flat house paint, such as by Behr or Glidden.  Acrylics will stick directly to the PVC plastics that are commonly used for sidings, shutters, etc.  A water based glazing liquid is then used to impart the faux graining.


The base coat is normally the tone of the wood to be simulated. The glaze is the darker of the two. If your door has a faux wood grain stamped into it, you might simply have to brush on the glaze and the wipe it off with cheese cloth. Be forwarned that this requires some practice. A smooth door could be grained with a graining comb or use of very course steel wool drawn through the wet glaze.


This  process should also not be done in the sun or the heat of the day if possible. Heat makes the glaze set up much too fast! Unfortunately, a south facing door is almost always in the Sun. I have actually on occasion created a temporary sunscreen to keep the sun off southern doors upon which I was working.


Once satisfactory results is obtained, the faux finish should be given a coat of clear spar urethane to protect it.


This can be done , but takes a lot of labor. Indeed, my own brother ,and former painting contractor partner, did exactly this to his own garage door. It looks great , but took much work by a talented professional painter.


One good source of videos on how to grain can be found on "You Tube" by using its search engine.


Good luck!

Posted 2013-05-03T04:36:37+0000  by ordjen
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