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Paint color?

Do you know what the paint color is in the current Behr commercial. The scene with the couch at the end. It's a Tiffany blue kinda color. Thanks!!
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Posted 2017-08-28T13:18:08+0000  by Shellpq Shellpq
Hi Shellpq,

The commercials are produced by an advertising agency, we do not specify the colors used, the agency's art department selects the colors, for example white is often not used as it causes glare under the bright lights used in commercial production.


Posted 2017-08-28T19:29:01+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Tiffany Blue Paint Recipe Home Depot Color Match September 2012

Greetings Shelpq,

I do not have the exact name of the lovely blue paint from the commercial, as Mike stated, we do not have access to the advertising components, but we are working on trying to connect with the paint names, that are used in commercial spots… are not the first to ask.

I do want to connect you to this site, the Behr-ColorSmart link. This site will enable you to visualize paint colors on the surface of walls and see the contrast and overall appeal of any color you choose!

When you get to the site try, “Tidewater” it is a beautiful, “Tiffany” hue-shade of blue, so pretty! You can take it from there, choose a color, change a room and see what you like!

Stop by your local Home Depot, have a few paint samples from the colors you liked mixed. Then take them home, paint a generous spot on your wall and then choose. Colors change in different lighting situations, blue can be tricky, changing from one space to the next….blue is so tranquil!

I hope this helps, send us some before and after photos, we love seeing project results!

Enjoy the blue journey, and the quest for your perfect blue!   Maureen

* I was still obsessing over your blue question when I found the "Scubbagreen" color in the top image, now that is "Tiffany" blue! You can check that out on the Behr ColorSmart site as well!

Posted 2017-08-29T17:19:10+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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