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Paint color fan decks now available to buy online!

Hey everyone!


In the years I've worked in the paint department and helped customers out in the aisles of paint, a very good question arose,


"Do you sell, or can I get my hands on a paint color fan deck?"


While it varied at the stores I have worked for (3) in how we rented them out for customers, it was tough getting a fan deck for a professional painter, interior designer, or just even a DIY'er for them to own.


That is until now.


Online here on, all of our paint brands, Behr, Glidden, and Martha Stewart now have all of their color swatches available for purchase! Below is a picture of them, and you can find the link to all of them on one page here

Fan decks.JPG


Now the next step, picking out the right color/tone/sheen/hue......:smileyhappy:


Have a great day everyone,


Joseph (aboveaveragejoe)

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Posted 2011-04-14T17:50:28+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL