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Paint correction/ exchange

I just bought 4 gallons of paint. 
I've used almost all of 1 gallon painting one room and the color isn't what I thought it would be.  I chose "absolute zero", which appeared to have a more greyish hue on the card and when I applied the sample before purchasing. 
Now that I've painted an entire room, the color appears VERY blue.  Almost a sky baby blue work no grey tones. 
1. Would I be able to exchange all 4 gallons of paint, including the gallon that is almost all use up?
2. What would you suggest I do from this point on since the color didn't appear as I thought it would even after having first purchased and applying sample of the color? 

I'm looking for a more bluish-grey color.

Thank you, in advance for any advice.  
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Posted 2020-02-24T13:39:37+0000  by WuL WuL
Hi Wul,

All sales on custom mixed paint are final, however the store can add tint to your existing paint to achieve the color you desire or something close to it. Take the one open container to the store with an example of the color you desire and the paint associates will try to match it. Once on the wall and dry the paint will look different than the sample you looked at in the store. The final color is effected by the application technique,  brush roller or spray, the color of paint you are painting over, the number of coats you apply and the amount of ambient light in the room.

Posted 2020-02-24T20:21:51+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
 Thank you Mike. 
What if the mixed paint isn't custom color? The Absolute Zero color is a Behr paint. 

I was reading about the satisfaction guarantee policy where paint (to your point, as long as it's not custom mixed) could NOT be returned, but could be exchanged.  Is that still the case? 

In the above case, I would need to bring in the exact color I'm aiming for so they could adjust my existing paint to the new color? 

Lastly, I know Lowe's has the policy where we can bring in the paint can partially used and didn't like (of course, only if purchased at Lowe's) and exchange it.  
I didn't notice specific mentioning of partially used paint.  Could we bring that in for exchange as well? 

Thank you, again. 
Posted 2020-02-24T21:39:12+0000  by WuL

Mike has only given part of the answer as to returning paint. 

 I quote from the Home Depot website: "If you are not satisfied...We will make it right by correcting your paint or giving you a comparable  can of paint". In other words, if we cannot re-tint your paint to your satisfaction, we will give you a new mixture. If your local Home Depot paint department balks at replacing your paint, point out this corporate policy which is plainly stated at the bottom of the HD Website down at the bottom under return policies. This is corporate policy and not at the discretion of local management.
Posted 2020-02-25T01:09:43+0000  by ordjen
Thank you for that information.  
Posted 2020-02-25T01:30:22+0000  by WuL
I went to go exchange the paint. Exactly as you said was going to happen. The customer service staff wouldn't let me return the paint.  I corrected him to say I wanted to exchange and not return as your website policy states.  The employee, replied saying he couldn't exchange the paint either, but he would do it only this one time.  

I further stated I wasn't looking to return the paint, but instead to re-tint the paint and he replied saying that wasn't possible and they would be throwing the entire gallon away.  

That's the worst customer service I've received from a Home Depot staff and I've been loyal to Home Depot for quiet some time.  That was VERY disappointing.  

After the back and forth banter, he finally allowed me to return 2 of the 3 gallons, stating the 3rd gallon was majority used so he couldn't accept it back.  

I didn't bother looking for a better color there.  From that experience, I'm better off going to another home improvement store for better service.  

Thanks for the help even though quoting their own statement from their website about satisfaction guarantee didn't matter.  

Posted 2020-02-25T02:01:03+0000  by WuL


I am sorry to hear you did not receive satisfaction. In the future, I would suggest you immediately ask to speak to a manager. Too often line personnel are not fully aware of corporate policy. The overwhelming policy at Home Depot is to satisfy the customer. I would be surprised had a manager not immediately sanctioned the replacement of the paint.
Posted 2020-02-26T19:28:52+0000  by ordjen
Hi Wul,

Community member Ordjen, is not a Home Depot employee and does not speak to Home Depot policy. The paint warranty stated on our website is as follows:

Return Policy on Paint
  • Paint Satisfaction Guarantee Policy: If you are not satisfied with your interior or exterior liquid paint purchase, bring your paint and receipt back to the store within 30 days of purchase. We will make it right by correcting your paint or giving you a comparable can of paint.

  • Policy excludes: Application issues and improperly prepared surfaces, liquid stains, color samples, “OOPs” merchandise, special order, non-stock products, 3rd parties and marketplaces, labor and installation. We reserve the right to limit guarantee at our discretion in the event of suspected fraud or abuse.

  • This policy applies to paint performance, coverage, chipping, pealing, color fade etc. not paint color choices. Standard stock colors (colors not mixed by a paint associate) and untinted base paints may be returned for refund (with receipt) exchange or store credit. Custom mixed paint may not be returned and this is stated on the formula label applied to the can when it is mixed. The only exception here would be paint color matched to your sample, if the match is incorrect we will retint or replace the paint. If the customer has made the wrong choice of color and needs it adjusted we will do all we can to accommodate the request. However, buyers remorse over a wrong color choice is not covered.

Posted 2020-02-27T19:56:47+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Actually,  Ordjen is a Home Depot employee with 15 years in the paint department, after four decades as a painting contractor. Just incidentally, Ordjen also has a degree in foreign language and graduate study in linguistics, that is to say, he can read and understand English well!

The policy , as stated, assures satisfaction as to re-tinting your paint, and failing that to your satisfaction, replacing the paint with comparable paint - period! One does not have to be a legal scholar to understand this policy. It was obviously intended to counter that other "big box" store which has a similar policy. 

I will grant that the sticker on the can, which pre-dates this policy, still states "non-returnable". Either Home Depot ought to change the label or re-write the stated policy on its national website!

My advice to Wul stands as stated!
Posted 2020-02-28T01:43:53+0000  by ordjen
I wanted to add that lighting, specifically the color temperature, can have a dramatic effect on how paint appears.  I believe that most Home Depot stores use lighting with a color temperature of about 4100K, which is often quite different most of us use in our homes.  The smart thing to do is buy one or two of the “test” jars of paint and put it on the wall.  It does add some time and minimal expense to the process but it’s better than being unhappy with a color for the next decade.
Posted 2020-02-29T12:55:41+0000  by Adam444
Nice to see you are still active on this blog Adam!

You are quite right about lighting influencing the color appearance of the paint. Back when kitchens were equipped with flourescent lighting, I would often tell the customer to get rid of those "daylight blue" tubes that the builders would commonly use, and exchange them for one of the warmer white tubes. Not only did the paint look different, but the natural wood of the kitchen cabinets and human skin would look much warmer and healthy!

Years ago I went to buy some area rugs to put on our new oak floors. We went on a rainy day ere in Portland and the carpet store had all the overhead halogen lights on. I could see that there was a little green in the basically tan background colors. We ordered the carpets. A couple weeks later, the carpets were delivered on a bright sunny day. We rolled them out and DARN, there is a lot of green in tthem! Fortunately, it was a dusty green that went well with our tannish walls by daylight. However, that night when we turned on our overhead halogen cannister lights, the carpets looked exactly as they had in the store!
Posted 2020-03-04T00:45:05+0000  by ordjen
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