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Paint failure on old wood siding.

I have an older home, the shingles were added in 1919.  From 2012-2014 we painted the house, scraping and sanding down each shingle.  See image "Exterior Paint" to see why it took 3 years.   We used Behr Marquee paint.  What I have now is that primarily on the WEST side, the paint is peeling...See image "test 024".  We are back at it and have noticed the paint seems to worse where it was scrapped and sanded to bare wood.  The north and south sides seem to be OK, it is primarily the west and some failure on the east.  
I did not use a primer as the Marquee was listed as "Paint and Primer".  Should I?  If so, which one do you recommend?  I really don't want to do this again in 4 years!
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Posted 2018-06-25T19:05:44+0000  by CBinMD CBinMD

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Posted 2018-06-25T19:07:00+0000  by CBinMD
Hi CBinMD,

 I always recommend using a good quality oil based primer on bare exterior wood surfaces, then applying Behr exterior paint. All in one paints are a compromise, they contain primer and pigment but do not replace a good primer coat. Behr recommends using the marquee paint as a primer, in other words apply two coats.

Kilz Complete Oil Base Primer

If two coats are to be applied as suggested, then make the first coat a good quality oil based primer such as Kilz Complete, followed up with a good quality top coat such as Behr Marquee. It's a shame you have to redo this work, in my experience there is no substitute for a good quality primer coat.

Posted 2018-06-25T21:24:12+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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