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Paint fridge door

I'm moving to a new apartment and a friend is giving me her old refrigerator. It works fine, it's just old. Outside of the door is made of metal, according to her. I can't really afford a brand new fridge so I want to take her up on her offer, but I would like to paint the door of the fridge to make it go with the rest of my interior. Not black or white, but preferably blue.

Is this possible? Do I really need to use appliance paint or can I use something like Rust-Oleum protective enamel paint?

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Posted 2012-08-07T03:33:53+0000  by dutchie dutchie




You certainly can use the RustOleum sprays on your refrigerator door. You will want to clean the door well followed by a scuff sanding with about a 400 grit paper. After removing all parts that will readily come off or taping them off, use the spray primer to prime the door. If you are using a strong blue, use the gray primer. Primer not only gives a good bond to the old surface, but also has "tooth", that is, it will grab the new finish color and help keep it from running.


You will want to use long , straight strokes of the spray, overlapping each stroke about 50%. Remember, if it looks streaky when wet, it will look more so when dry! If possible, remove the door and paint it in an horizontal position. Obviously, paint can't run on a flat surface.


If you must spray the door in an upright position, a trick I often use is to spray the door with a quick, very light coat. Let that coat set for about a minute until tacky, then follow with a full flowing coat. The tackiness of the first coat will help keep the finish coat from running.


Another trick I always use with spray cans is to heat them. Run the water straight out of the hot water tap, which is about 125 degrees. Let the can float in that hot water for about 5 minutes. This does two things: it builds up the pressure in the can so that it sprays more vigorously. Further, all oil paints become more viscous when warm, that is, they flow out and level themselves better.


I think you will be surprise at how good a finish can be obtained with a humble spray can. You will probably only need one can of primer and one of spray, if you are dong only the door.


Obviously,you will need somewhere to do this. A garage is the best place. However, it can be done even in an apartment if all horizontal surfaces are covered. The spray itself does not travel far, but the overspray may settle out some distance away. Doing this out in the open air in the yard does not work as well, as there is too much moving air and too much airborn bugs and dirt.


Hope you find this info of use.



Posted 2012-08-07T04:39:40+0000  by ordjen

Thank you so much!

This is incredibly helpful.

I have 2 additional questions.

1. I definitely have to prime the door, even if it's not 'bare' metal?

2. How many bottles of spray paint will I need for a single door between 5 and 6 feet tall?

Thanks again :)

Posted 2012-08-07T12:33:20+0000  by dutchie

Hello Dutchie!


Ordjen got it exactly right ... primer is necessary on almost every paint project.


Primer acts like double-stick tape ... it adheres to the surface and provides a solid base that your paint will cling to very well.


Applying primer is often the difference between paint that easily scratches and paint that is durable.


So, don't skip this step. Think of it as insurance that your paint will be durable and last a long time.


On your other question: How many cans?


I recently painted a side-by-side refrigerator and I used three cans to apply two coats over the entire surface (front, sides, and top).


I would expect one or two cans will paint one door ... but I would not expect that door to exactly match the remainder of your refrigerator. If this is important, plan to paint the entire surface.


Ordjen's instructions on how to spray are very good ... use his technique and you should have success!

Posted 2012-08-07T13:44:54+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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