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Paint in a Different Light


My fellow associate Coach Dave’s article on paint color matching gave some very good advice. I would like to add some more considerations and options.

First, consider your light source when choosing a paint.  In the store, you are looking at that paint color chips under florescent light.  If florescent is what you have at home, fine.  If that is not the case, you may want to look at those colors at home or outside in daylight to see what they look like in those types of light.

Paint can also look very different once put on a wall.  Therefore, another very practical option is to take advantage of the 8oz. paint samples.  No more, “I bought 2 gallons of paint and I hate the color”

For a few dollars, you can see the color in the actual environment you intend on painting.


These color samples, can be tinted in the store, to just about any color or you can choose from hundreds of colors on line.  Not only will you be able to see if it is the right color but also see how well it covers the old paint. 


These Samples are available in interior and exterior.


Sample selection can vary depending on the market region. Some brands are Behr Marquee and Behr Premium Plus, Glidden Diamond and Glidden Premium or Jeff Lewis Colors or Colorhouse.


Welcome to a rainbow of paint.


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Posted 2017-08-08T16:06:32+0000  by Char_HD_CHI Char_HD_CHI

Excellent points - the color temperature of the light in the room can have a huge effect on the appearance of the paint's color.  I think I've told this story before but it's probably worth repeating in this context.  A while back I needed to paint a basement lit with a combination of fluorescent (3500K lamps) and ordinary incandescent bulbs.  The customer wanted "beige" walls and white (but not too white) trim.  I spent quite a bit of time in Home Depot trying to pick colors, getting assistance from the associates in paint, and then running around the store trying to find lighting that would more closely match the basement.

I ended up with Merino Wool and Polar Bear.  Merino Wool is a great, very neutral beige (if you like beige) and Polar Bear is actually a pretty white, white.  I picked up couple of samples put them on the wall and some trim.  The customer saw the "white" trim in daylight and was immediately concerned about it being too white.  "Just wait until we get into the basement," I said.  The difference under incandescent and warm fluorescent light was just amazing and she was very happy!

I can't emphasize enough how the color of light effects our perception of the color of objects around us.  Buy the "sample" and put it on the wall!
Posted 2017-08-13T10:15:44+0000  by Adam444
I'm impressed!! I haven't looked at Home Depot for paint. At Lowes, unless it has changed recently, they only offer samples in eggshell, and no glitter or chalk paint samples. Cool!!
Posted 2017-08-14T21:50:22+0000  by Workinguptoit
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