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Paint recommendation - ceiling.


I have a question about a ceiling repainting I am doing;  after scraping off the paint and debris, what paint / primer would you recommend?  The peeling is from water damage via a small leak in the roof (which has been repaired and completely dried)  Is there any other special prep that I should do before painting?

Thanks in advance for any advice you could give regarding this.


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Posted 2017-08-14T19:15:58+0000  by ClintonKirk ClintonKirk
Hi ClintonKirk,

I would use Kilz Premium primer on the ceiling to block the stains, it works very well, I have used it in the past with great success.

Kilz Premium Latex Primer

For paint, Behr Premium Plus Ultra is an excellent paint, with the Kilz primer, only one coat will be necessary and it will look great.

Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior Enamel

The only decisions left are the sheen and the color. Those decisions are up to you.


Posted 2017-08-14T22:35:15+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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