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Paint recommendation for a fiberglas shower stall?

Hello all, I have a white fibreglas shower in which the floor is discolored and regular cleaners haven't helped. I wonder if there's a paint we could use to paint the floor that is also slip-resistant, or at the very least not slippery?

thanks for your input. 

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Posted 2011-03-24T14:56:43+0000  by headhunter53 headhunter53

Good Day HeadHunter53!


Fiberglass is a laminate material ... several layers of mat and cloth held together by a two-part resin that hardens and binds the layers.


These materials suppress water from passing through, but are not waterproof by themselves.


The waterproof layer is an outer skin known as gel coat ... the part of your shower that is discolored.


This material comes in several colors (including white) and is commonly found at a marine supply store.


Your Repair:

Locate your marine supplier and purchase gel coat with hardener and a tube of white tint.


Follow the preparation instructions on the container ... commonly you would buff sand the surface with a 600-grit sandpaper and remove the sanding dust. Then use tape and plastic to mask the repair area.


Mix the gel coat, hardener, and white tint and apply ... commonly sprayed with a cup gun at medium pressure.


Allow the gel coat to cure and your shower should look like new.


There are other products, like spray-on tub and tile kits, that may produce acceptable results with less exposure to harmful vapors. However, fiberglass showers are most often manufactured with an outer skin of gel coat and that material will yield the overall best results.



Health Consideration:

Two-part products give off a very strong odor and a standard dust mask WILL NOT prevent you from inhaling the vapors. Before you begin, acquire the proper fresh air mask as recommended on the label, then ventilate the room and have everyone leave the home for several hours.

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Posted 2011-03-24T15:26:41+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Thanks so much for your speedy and detailed response; I hadn't even thought about the marine applications and that makes total sense. Looks like I have a weekend project coming up!


Posted 2011-03-24T15:43:02+0000  by headhunter53
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